Tubbataha reefs In the Philippines - one of the world's most unique dive sites
Liveaboard 14 – 23 May 2025

A liveaboard to Tubbataha reefs in the Philippines is unique. Tubbataha reefs in the Sulu Sea are perhaps the ultimate diving experience. Here in the middle of the sea, far from everything else, you can experience several different species of shark on one and the same dive. Sharks patrol the reefs and some of the species you may see are whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, thresher sharks, guitar sharks, tiger sharks, nurse sharks, silvertips, various reef sharks and many, many more. Today, Tubbataha reefs offer one of the world's best diving spots, where very few can come every year. Only a few liveaboarders go here each year and it's often well in advance. There may also be space but too few participants to complete the diving trip.

Take the chance to go to the Philippines now in the spring of 2025 as it is difficult to find places and good boats that go here. The season is short and you only come here for three months a year. This is a guaranteed departure so be sure to book while we still have a few spots left.

The Tubbataha reefs in the Philippines are perhaps one of the world's most talked about diving destinations and there are reasons why. There are amazing coral walls, sponges, black coral and gorgonians extending from steep rock walls, echinoderms, octopuses, crustaceans and an incredible variety of fish color and enliven this environment. We have a few places left on a diving trip to the Philippines with liveaboard to Tubbataha reefs, take the chance in May 2025

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