Unique diving trip to Bikini Atoll and the Marshall Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - reduced prerequisites to join.

A truly unique diving trip to Bikini Atoll and the Marshall Islands. For those who have training for deeper dives and love wrecks, this is perhaps the ultimate diving trip. Wreck diving in the Bikini Atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean aboard a liveaboard is an experience few will be able to do. This is a destination and dive trip where places go incredibly fast but we have a few places left to offer. Along for the trip are Deep Sea productions who will also look at how nature has recovered.
Deep Sea productions makes a series about the marine life in the world's oceans and this is part of their production.

Take the chance to experience this unique destination with so much history and exciting wrecks that few, if any, places can rival. This trip is subsidized from the start, but for those who book now, we give an additional discount. For those wondering about “Operation Crossroads" and "Spökflottan" and you will find lots of information here.

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This dive trip is packaged by flight, hotel nights in Hawaii and the Marshall Islands, transfers and liveaboard with full board. Hurry as we only have six places left.