Experience Malapascua, 3 new ambassador trips to the lovely Philippines. Diving with thresher sharks and more

Go on a group trip and experience wonderful Malapascua with one of our 3 new ambassador trips we have out right now. Group trips to this lovely little island in the middle of the Philippines where you will with almost 100% certainty get to dive and meet the incredibly beautiful thresher shark up close. These beautiful sharks are found all over the world, but right here at Malapascua you have the best opportunity in the world to get really close and see and photograph them. Normally they are up in water as shallow as 8-9 meters and with plenty of sunlight this is an almost magical experience.

Join one of our three group ambassador trips to this jewel of the diving world and combine with other diving when you're still traveling that far. Exciting diving trips that will add more flavor.

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