May 2024
Liveaboard Farasan Banks in Saudi Arabia. Dive and experience with Scuba Travel

Diving in Saudi Arabia offers a unique opportunity to explore some of the most pristine and spectacular environments in the world. A liveaboard to the Farasan Banks in Saudi Arabia is a fantastic adventure and an unforgettable experience. I feel extremely privileged to have visited this area of ​​the world.

October 2023

Diving in Komodo in Indonesia is to experience some of the best diving in the world. Here you will find some of the world's finest corals, lots of marine life. Dive and experience macro diving, dive with sharks and manta rays. A diving trip to Komodo and Indonesia is perhaps the best diving in the world.

June 2023

The Philippines is widely known for its diving and is becoming increasingly popular. To then be able to find small gems that have not been reached by mass tourism and that offer very good diving is quite unique and hopeful. Southern Leyte is one of those places that can really be recommended.

July 2022

Scuba Travel's ambassador Tomas Jansson and a group of divers went to Scotland to meet and snorkel with the world's second largest fish, brugd! They came back from the Hebrides in Scotland, which is considered one of the world's best destinations to experience just brewed. He has written a travelogue which you can read below.

August 2018

Tomas Janson went to Mexico to see and dive with great white sharks in Guadalupe. Read his account of the trip here.

October 2016

Scuba Travel's ambassador Annelie Pompe traveled in Oct/Nov 2016 to free-dive in Bali where she was also to hold a course in free-diving. Here comes a travel story with pictures from Annelie and a story by one of the participants; Benjamin Patala.

November 2018

Diving and crabbing on Christmas Island. Few places can offer an experience as close to nature as Christmas Island in Australia. The annual big crab migration together with a rich birdlife and then really nice diving with everything from manta rays, turtles, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and other big things. A magical and unique destination

January 2018

Diving trip to Zanzibar
Zanzibar is a very special island, consisting of a mixture of African and Arab culture. An exciting combination that truly characterizes the island. Here you will experience comfortable diving in a relaxed environment.

November 2016

What is diving on Bonaire…

… and where the hell is it? Netherlands Antilles... hmm, take out the map book or google map and you will find Bonaire just north of Venezuela in South America. Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao or the ABC Islands. So what is diving on Bonaire?

March 2019

Freediving in the Maldives
The Maldives sounds like white beaches and turquoise seascapes, and that's exactly what it looks like in pictures and advertisements. It is paradise-beautiful both above and below the surface. The more skilled you are as a free diver, the more you can enjoy being with whale sharks, manta rays and turtles below the surface.

March 2018

Anda in eastern Bohol in the Philippines is really for you who are looking for peace and quiet and relaxation, want to alternate nice relaxing and varied diving, with sun, swimming, good food and experiences This is a real gem.

July 2016

Shark diving trip to Mexico

At the end of July, eleven hopeful divers set off to go on a shark diving trip to Mexico. Sun and warmth awaited. The idea was more to realize a dream that we all carried; They all wanted to dive with large sharks. The idea was to experience both a whale shark and a great white shark on one and the same trip.

April 2016

The Visayas region offers exciting diving in the Philippines with unique opportunities for combinations. Good and varied diving and accommodation are available in many different standards, so there is something here that really suits everyone. Dauin and Moalboal are two wonderful places to combine

February 2017

The Philippines is widely known for its diving and is becoming increasingly popular. To then be able to find small gems that have not been reached by mass tourism and that offer very good diving is quite unique and hopeful. Southern Leyte is one of those places that can really be recommended.

December 2015

Diving trip to Raja Ampat. A tropical paradise and a dream for many divers and high on the dive travel list for many. Join us on an adventure to these exotic and remote places in Indonesia. A diving trip to magically good diving.

Manta, Giant Manta, Pacific Manta or Devil's Manta, dear child has many names as we say. Many divers long to see one during a dive, and others recount with delight their encounters with these graceful giants.

June 2021

A liveaboard in Indonesia is an absolute must in every diver's career. You can go here again and again and see and experience new things each time. Read more about different liveaboards you can do in this amazing country.

The whale shark is the world's largest shark but also the world's largest living fish. They are harmless plankton-eating giants that slowly cruise through the world's oceans. Today, there are a number of places where you can more or less guarantee to see these beasts and experience them up close. A magical experience


Scuba Travel's ambassador Tomas Jansson went to the Bahamas and Cat Island to measure the spectacular and notorious whitetip shark. Read his travelogue here.

Dolphins are probably one of the marine animals that everyone loves, no matter what diving interest you have. Regardless of whether they appear either some distance away or right next to the boat you are traveling in, the cheers and smiles will quickly spread in the company. Dolphins are found in all the world's oceans and several different species.

July 2021

Diving trips and liveaboarding in the Philippines is a fantastic experience. Experience diving with mixed macro diving, dive with sharks and snorkel with whale sharks. A diving trip to the Philippines is really recommended.

Sea turtles are found in all the world's major oceans and belong to a group of ancient reptiles that evolved to live their lives almost exclusively in the oceans. A very popular animal species among divers and often seen and brightens up any dive.

July 2017

Diving trip and liveaboard to Komodo in Indonesia is among the best diving you can experience in the world. Experience diving with mixed macro diving, shark and manta diving. A diving trip to Komodo and Indonesia is perhaps the best diving in the world.

Few animal species in the world probably fascinate humans as much as sharks. Unfortunately, they have an undeserved bad reputation, largely thanks to bad Hollywood productions, but there are few animals in the world that are as cautious and prudent as sharks. It is not for nothing that they have existed on earth for hundreds of millions of years, they are true survivors.

August 2019

Diving trip and liveaboard to Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. An amazing experience and diving trip that takes you back in history. Amazing wrecks in a tropical setting. Fantastic dives and a fantastic diving trip

May 2018

A destination for those who have already been on several diving trips and are looking for something new and exciting. Maratua Atoll is extremely remote in the middle of the ocean, south of the well-known diving destination of Sipadan in Malaysia.

September 2020

The Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic with its clear blue water, has blossomed as one of Europe's hottest marine experience areas. The islands are known for offering large fish, whale sharks, whales, mobulas and several different species of sharks with mainly blue sharks but sometimes other large sharks and various rays plus lots of fish

February 2020

Diving in Palau, a fantastic liveaboard diving trip in Micronesia. An incredible experience with amazing experiences below the surface environment. Amazing dives and a great diving trip

February 2021

Anilao at Mabini bay, has grown and continues to grow and is today one of the Philippines' hottest destinations for divers. The proximity to Manila makes it increasingly popular and there is room to grow here as the area is large and offers fantastic diving. The macro life is fantastic and now also black water diving is coming more and more. Experience Anilao - diving trip to paradise

September 2021

The World Championship of Underwater Photography was recently organized on the island of Madeira. You can find a summary of the competition and their diving in the Atlantic written by Niklas Nilsson here.

October 2019

Traveling to the Maldives is not complicated. You can read about how it works in this blog. The Maldives is a paradise for divers and honeymooners and every diver should have traveled here at least once in their life to experience the big blue and the small emerald green islands.

October 2021

Diving trip to the Maldives in October 2021 with Patrik Jonson. Join us on a diving trip aboard a liveaboard and wonderful diving in the jewel of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives. Group diving trips are a wonderful experience

January 2021

Choose liveaboard in the Red Sea. It can really feel like a jungle at times. I think all divers in all of Europe have been to the Red Sea or at least thought about going there and diving. However, what often makes it confusing is that many people seem to be talking about places and tours that I have never heard of.

July 2018

For those who want to find and experience new things to see or photograph and like small animals, beautiful reefs and a bit of adventure, Romblon in the Philippines is an absolutely fantastic opportunity. Here you will find many species that are rarely seen anywhere else.

June 2013

Snorkeling with Brugd - a travel story from Cornwall England in 2013 by Tomas Jansson who went on a group trip with a group of customers from Scuba Travel. Read here about their encounters with the world's second largest fish.

October 2016

For many, something very remote, but it is no more difficult to go here further than to many other places, Alor in eastern Indonesia is for you who want to experience well-preserved and healthy reefs, be close to nature and experience both below and above the surface.

November 2017

Diving trip with liveaboard in the Philippines

We were 16 tagged divers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and England, who were impatiently waiting at the baggage belt at the airport on the Philippine island of Cebu. For 7 days, the 40 meter luxury liveaboard S/Y Philippine Siren would take us around the island on a diving trip here in the Philippines.

April 2023

My magical encounters with thresher sharks up close in near-mythical Malapascua were like magic. It's like a dream when four, five, almost three meters long, fantastically graceful thresher sharks, or thresher sharks as they are called in English, slide past me within just a few meters of distance.

July 2011

Scuba Travel's ambassador Tomas Jansson came home from a trip to the Azores with a group of friends, and has shared with us his experiences of encounters with blue sharks and mobulas and pictures from the trip.

August 2017

Scuba Travels Daniel has explored both Bali and East Sumbawa Island which is west of Komodo. If you want to know more about the trip, the destinations and the resorts, you can read Daniel's travel story.

October 2017

Scuba Travel's ambassador PA Andersson and a group of divers recently returned from Scapa Flow in Scotland, one of the world's best destinations for wreck diving. He has written a travelogue which you can read below.

March 2017

Scuba Travel's ambassador Tomas Jansson recently went with a group to Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic, one of only three places in the world where you can snorkel with humpback whales.

March 2017

Shark diving Bahamas

Magnus Lundgren, ambassador for Scuba Travel and Exposure Expeditions, set off in March/April 2017 on a shark diving adventure in the Bahamas. With him was a group of passionate divers and UV photographers. An expedition with bearing in the clear and shark-rich waters of the Bahamas with two clear targets – tiger shark and great hammerhead shark.

November 2017

To increase the range, Scuba Travel has sent its own Daniel Benér on an intensive two-week tour of Mexico to cover as many parts of the Yucatan Peninsula as possible.

October 2017

16 expectant travelers left a rainy Sweden and flew to Ecuador for a dive in the Galapagos. 12 days; five land-based days followed by a week of liveaboard.

September 2016

16 expectant travelers left a rainy Sweden and flew to Ecuador for a diving trip to the Galapagos. 12 days; five land-based days followed by a week of liveaboard.

September 2011

So here I am sitting at the airport in Ponta Delgada on the main island Sao Miguel, waiting for our flight to Pico (via Terceira). The flight down (charter) took 4 hours and 40 minutes and was smooth sailing. Time to dive Azores.

September 2010

Diving North Sulawesi, Indonesia

It's Saturday morning and I have been up and running with my son since 6 o'clock. I am trying to pack the last of our bags before we head off for diving north Sulawesi, Indonesia. It will be myself (Heather), my husband (Henrik), Elinora (3) and Samuel (1) heading off for a two week adventure to Manado and Lembeh.

February 2012

It is time for the Almers gang to head off on a new adventure. Last year we were in Malta, Canada, the Azores and Egypt. This year we are off to Indonesia again and we are so excited.

April 2010

On April 7, 2010, I, Camilla travel salesperson at Scuba Travel, left a still rugged Sweden and flew to significantly warmer latitudes in Egypt. With me I had my boyfriend Andreas, his brother with his girlfriend and their parents.

June 2010

So it was finally time for this year's girls' trip to Croatia! It was me and Anna from Gothenburg, and Annica, Eva, Inger and Pia from Stockholm, who set course for the Mediterranean and Croatia.

July 2010

Mirror-clear sea, over 40 degrees in the shade, 28-31 degrees in the water, nineteen dives in fantastically nice conditions, comfortable boat with good diving logistics, hand-picked dive guides, and a lovely group of nice, sharp and photo-interested divers. This sets the very framework for the third photo safari to the Red Sea under the auspices of Scuba Travel.

June 2013

Whale sharks in Isla Mujeres

We felt quite tender, but no less expectant, when we landed after about 24 hours at the Cancun airport on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. It then took 30 minutes by ferry to get to our little paradise island. With its chalk-white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, the island offers a unique spectacle. Here we were going to dive with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres.

December 2010

When I take a deep breath, I smell the spices of freshly made burritos. I can hardly believe it, but this year I, Camilla, am celebrating New Years in Riviera Maya in colorful Mexico!