Pico Island Hotel Caravelas

Hotel Caravelas is centrally located in the village of Madalena on Pico Island. It is only a short drive (10km) from Pico Airport. The diving center is located in adjacent premises. The beach is close and from the hotel you have a view of the neighboring island Faial. You eat breakfast in the hotel's dining room. You can enjoy lunches and dinners at one of the various restaurants and bars that are within walking distance in the village of Madalena.

All rooms in the hotel have access to private balconies and you have views of the sea or Pico's beautiful mountains. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom and satellite channels.
For those of you who want to experience the amazing blue waters of the Azores, this is a very nice hotel for your diving trip. Here you really experience fantastic visibility and often large fish and whales.


  • Room with private bathroom
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Beach close
  • WiFi
  • Air conditioning
  • Outdoor pool
Standard room

Modern rooms all equipped with private bathroom, air conditioning, cable TV, and free wi-fi. There are also a couple of adjoining rooms with a door between the rooms.

Dive Center – CW Azores

CW Azores Dive Center is run by people who truly have a passion for marine life and local diving. The diving center offers a very high level of service and they have several boats. All diving equipment is very well maintained for those who want or need to rent.

The RIB boats are designed for diving and take a maximum of 12 divers on day trips. There is an aluminum boat that takes 10 divers for the best comfort and safety. It is used for diving trips to, among other things, Princess Alice.

Princess Alice Bank is one of the Azores' most famous dive sites and is famous for diving with manta rays and mobulas. They normally swim between the surface and about 30 meters deep in the flowing waters here. Jacks, huge tunas, barracuda, blue marlin and sharks are also found here. Another exciting experience is diving with Blue Shark and Mako Shark. This special dive site can be reached after about an hour's boat ride from land from Pico.

Diving in the Azores and Pico Island is very special as it takes place in the open sea. As a rule, you have contact with a line, which makes great demands that you have full control of your balance. Without the line, it is difficult with orientation and your dive profile as there are no natural references such as the bottom or wall available.