Villa Awning Seraya Tulamben Bali

Villa-Markisa in Seraya and Tulamben in northeast Bali are perhaps Bali's best diving centers. Villa Markisa is a small family diving resort with high standards, good food and service. It is also one of the very few resorts that has its own dive boats. You will therefore be able to reach far more dive sites than most others. It is also much more convenient than packing and unpacking equipment that is transported by car together with you and other divers.

The main building is on two levels and has three rooms to offer and a large room with books and its own souvenir shop. An upper level master bedroom with a wonderful view of the resort and the sea with a large bathroom and Jacuzzi. A smaller deluxe room on the lower floor and a slightly simpler room that has a double bed but no window. The room is rented out when it is full or for you who are traveling alone.

There are also three detached bungalows as well as Villa Sonea, a bungalow with two bedrooms and a shared living room. Of course, all rooms have their own toilets and showers, and the rooms have minibars, air conditioning and safety deposit boxes.

Own restaurant and very good food

Villa-Markisa in Seraya Tulamben in Bali has its own restaurant and offers full board with different types of breakfast and lunch. Dinners are usually served as a buffet. Afternoon snacks are also included and, as a rule, some form of dessert is served with the dinners. The food is consistently very good.

The resort's own pool and part of it is used as a jacuzzi. There is a spa for massages and relaxation as well as sunbeds to enjoy between dives. There is enough space for play and fun in the pool for children and adults. The diving center is located directly on the beach and there is also a bar where you can enjoy a refreshing drink in the evening after the day's diving if you don't want it served on your terrace. For those who are looking for a high standard and like that diving is comfortable from a boat and want to see many different dive sites. Diving directly from the beach is also possible.

All pictures with © approval from Villa-Markisa, Seraya, Bali, Indonesia

  • Directly by the sea
  • Own restaurant
  • Own bar
  • Outdoor pool
  • Own diving center with boats
  • Spa
  • Free WIFI
  • Air conditioning
  • Offers land tours

Basic room

1 room with a double bed located in the main building. The room has its own shower and toilet, safety deposit box, air conditioning and minibar. This room has no windows and the room is a good option for you who are traveling on your own.

Deluxe room

1 room with a double bed located in the main building. The room has its own shower and toilet, safety deposit box, air conditioning and minibar.

Villa Sonea

2 rooms with a double bed located in a separate building. The rooms have their own outdoor shower and toilet, safety deposit box, air conditioning and minibar. The rooms have a common space with sofa, bar and chairs and are perfect for smaller groups or families.

Deluxe Bungalow

3 detached bungalows with double beds located. The room has its own outdoor shower and toilet, safety deposit box, air conditioning and minibar.
There is a sofa that can be used as an extra bed.

Master bedroom

1 room with a double bed located on the upper floor of the main building. The room has its own shower and toilet as well as a jacuzzi. Safety deposit box, air conditioning and minibar as well as a large balcony.

Diving with Villa-Markisa

The diving center is located right on the beach, about 12-15 meters from the water. For those who want to dive directly from the beach, it is really convenient. The diving center is one of the very few in this part of Bali that has its own boats. You will therefore reach places that others do not. It covers large parts of the northern coast. At Seraya, fantastic critter diving is offered with octopuses, seahorses, crustaceans, echinoderms, strange bottom-dwelling fish, flatworms and nudibranchs of a rarely seen kind and number.

There is also plenty of fish and if you are lucky you can see barracuda, bumphead parrotfish, large sweetlips, stingrays and different types of tuna. If you're really lucky, you can even see mola mola, mobulas or devil rays as well as various reef sharks. Even whale shark may with luck pass here directly outside the resort. Dolphins are plentiful in the area and you can often hear them underwater. There have been guest sightings of them during their dives.

The diving is generally easy and with good help from experienced guides you will experience a lot of fun here. It can sometimes be current but since you usually dive from a boat it doesn't matter and you drift with the current to make it as comfortable as possible. 

Lots of diving spots thanks to having boats

Around 50 dive sites are offered here, and depending on your interest, you can experience: wrecks, drop offs, slopes and macro dive sites. Villa Markisa also offers black water diving and has its own artificial reef outside the resort. The reef is at a depth of about 20 meters where the marine life flourishes more and more. The famous Liberty wreck, perhaps Bali's most famous dive site in Tulamben, is only a 15-minute boat ride away. It is one of the regularly visited dive sites provided you wish. Diving by boat means you can get there before the masses of divers enter the water.

Around the island there are various places for diving such as Amed at Candidasa, the Marine National Park at Menjagang and Manta Point at Nusa Penida. There you look for Mola Mola and Manta. Villa Markisa can also arrange day trips to Nusa Penida, but then it is also by car as the distances are great. For those who want to dive with nitrox, that option is also available. This is an ultimate place to spend a few days if you are moving on Indonesia on a liveaboard.