Buddy Dive Resort on Bonaire

Buddy Dive resort on Bonaire is located directly by the sea just north of the town of Kralendijk. There are several buildings here with accommodation for just over 100 people. The great thing is that it is hardly noticeable and you can often feel alone. Divers from all over the world come here and many go here again and again. The diving resort is really amazing in the way that it really offers diving freedom. Unlimited land diving, free nitrox for those who are certified and you have a free rental car and can dive exactly when you want and don't have to meet times. Ideal for groups where everyone may want to dive a little differently.

Husrevet is very good for diving and here you will find lots of different species of fish, sponges, corals and for those of you who want to try your hand at filming and photographing under the surface, there are probably few places in the world that make it as easy as right here. Up and look at your photos and if you want to redo them, just jump down again. The house reef is also very popular for night diving and the big tarpons are an exciting experience when they come close to you. The apartments are large and spacious. All have air conditioning and the apartments are available with 1-3 bedrooms for between 1-6 people. Breakfast is included and is usually very good. A lovely start to the day before today's adventure begins.

  • Apartment with private bathroom
  • Close to the diving center at the resort
  • Restaurants
  • Rental car
  • pool
  • Unlimited land diving
  • Free air and nitrox
  • Wi-Fi
  • 24 hour reception
1 bedroom apartment

Apartment for two people, double bed or two single beds, balcony/patio, own toilet/shower. The rooms have air conditioning, safe, kitchen for self-catering, wifi
Rental car is included in the diving packages

2 bedroom apartment

Apartment for four people, double bed or two single beds, balcony/patio own toilet/shower/room. The rooms have air conditioning, safe, kitchen for self-catering, wifi, Rental car is included in the diving packages

3 bedroom apartment

Apartment for six people, double bed or two single beds, balcony/patio own toilet/shower / per room. The rooms have air conditioning, safe, kitchen for self-catering, wifi, Rental car included in diving packages (minibus)

Diving at house reefs and everywhere from land

  • Daily boat trips with 2 dives per day for those who buy boat dives
  • Unlimited land diving and air filling, including tank and weights
  • PADI diving courses
  • Very good for UV photographers
  • Rental car
  • Nitrox for all certified
  • No gloves or reefsticks allowed

Buddy Dive resort on Bonaire is perhaps one of the world's most popular and famous dive centers. The proximity to the sea with its own house reef, a large fleet of its own boats, a diving center directly by the sea and the starting point and the concept, Drive & Dive or diving freedom as it is called, is on the verge of being unbeatable and incomparable to any other diving center in the world. Free diving, accommodation with breakfast, transfers and rental car in the basic packages means you can dive as much as you want every day, when you want and where you want. No times to fit in and you eat when it suits you, take a break when you feel like it and dive when the urge is back.

The simplicity is unique

There are several different room types here and it is ideal for diving couples as well as smaller and larger groups. The resort has a pool and once a week there is the owners' rum punch party, sometimes with photo shows, talks and competitions or just social. Many go here again and again precisely for the simplicity and of course for the warm waters, fantastic views and we'll say it again, the simplicity. This is almost like that be on a live table even if you are on land. For those of you who don't dive, there is the opportunity to go on some excursions, sun and swim, or just go with other divers and discover the island. Breakfast is included in all packages and there are also a couple of different restaurants here, but there are also kitchens in the rooms for those who prefer to cook their own food or you go around and eat at local restaurants in town.

Bonaire and Buddy Dive is a concept that few if any other places in the world can come close to. It really is a Divers Paradise! Contact us for just your adventure to Bonaire

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