Marsa Nakari Eco Lodge, diving trips to Egypt

Marsa Nakari is an eco lodge and perfect for diving trips to Egypt for those who want to focus on diving. Accommodation has four different forms, some of which are simple with accommodation in tents directly on the beach to the mighty The red sea. There are also royal tents, small cozy huts (cabins) and for those looking for comfortable accommodation with air conditioning there are several so-called deluxe chalets. There is also a common dining room here, and on-site massages and various opportunities for shore excursions are also offered. In the price of your diving trip, we package full board and five days free diving from land or the number of days you wish including tanks, weights and weight belt. 

Four different accommodations are offered:

  • Tent - located on the beach 3,5, X 3,5 m
  • Royal Tents – These tents are almost twice the size of regular tents
  • Delux chalet – 24 m2 large stone house with rounded roof.

The diving is done directly from land and you can dive as much as you want. You can also dive from a boat for an additional fee. The area is divided into different zones depending on the distance from the resort, and you book and pay for these boat dives directly on the spot.

Diving at Marsa Nakari

  • Land-based diving on your own house reef
  • Boat diving is available 
  • The sea in the area has been protected for over 20 years 
  • Eco Lodge
  • Snorkeling and activities for non-divers
  • PADI diving center with a wide range of courses

The house reef at Marsa Nakari belongs to some of the reefs that are richest in life when it comes to fish and corals. The area has also been protected for many years. Many of the rarer species in the Red Sea also live on the house reef. The reef is also frequented by larger pelagic animals such as dolphins and manta rays. The advantage is that you can dive as much as you want from land. The house reef starts directly at the beach and you will find lots of fun to watch or photograph and film. For those who snorkel, the reef is already full of life below the surface before it drips down to the far end.

In the region around Marsa Alam, you also have the chance to see and dive with slightly larger animals. If you're lucky, you can see both dolphins, dugongs (manatees) and large ones sea ​​turtles. If you take a trip to Elpinstone, you may also have the chance to see several species of shark. Marsa Nakari has a variety of dive sites frequented by divers.

The world-renowned dive site and Elphinstone reef is a long extended reef that rises in the depths to the surface. Here there are breathtaking drop-offs on both the west and east walls. The walls are covered in beautiful hard and soft corals and inhabited by a teeming marine life. At both ends of the walls are plateaus that are often patrolled by various sharks, of which the thresher shark and hammerhead shark are perhaps the most spectacular. Also manta rays, whale sharks, thresher sharks and other pelagic creatures are sometimes seen here. (To dive at Elphinstone you need at least 30 logged dives to be allowed to dive here). Many liveaboard pass these waters on the way to the best sites in southern Egypt so it's really good diving into the knot.

Pictures with © approval from Red Sea Diving Safari, Marsa Nakari, Egypt



The tents are located near the beach and inside each tent, 3,5 x 3,5 meters, there are two beds with sheets, blankets and a pillow per person. The tents have electricity for lighting, to charge batteries and to use a computer. The tents do not have their own toilet, but you use the shared showers and toilets with running hot and cold water.

Royal Tent

These are almost twice the size of the regular tents and you can choose whether you want two single beds or a double bed. In the Royal tent there is a ceiling fan, a small fridge, wardrobe and a table with chairs. Otherwise, the same conditions as the normal tents apply for electricity and bathroom

Deluxe Chalet

Madyafah is a 24m² stone house with a rounded roof. The house is in the Nubian style, which is very efficient because it stays cool all year round. Air conditioning is still available here. There are two terraces with bamboo chairs and one of the terraces has a mountain view, while the other faces the sea. The cottages have ceiling fans and private bathrooms with cold/hot showers and toilets. They are furnished with two beds, wardrobe, side table and dressing table with mirror. Fridge and kettle are available.