Buceo Anilao in the Philippines

Buceo Anilao in the Philippines offers one of the country's absolute best diving experiences. Despite being so close to the world metropolis of Manila which is only a couple of hours away. The resort is located at the far end of the Mabini peninsula near the port city of Batangas, but here there is peace and relaxation. There are 17 different rooms in total in three different standards, several dive boats and a diving center with plenty of space. Full board is offered for those who wish and it is recommended as it is not very close to here as an alternative. The food is consistently good and varied and you can be here for two weeks without having to rehearse as they have a rolling schedule on the menu. At the top is the resort's spa with an absolutely adorable view out over Mabini bay.

It takes about three hours to get here from Manila airport and it is recommended to book transfers in advance. Once you get here, a calm sets in and the magical sunsets here are hard to describe. Here, many a drink has been sipped both on balconies or in their own sunset bar. You can't help but enjoy the fantastic view out over the sea as the sun's last rays hit the darkening sky. When you're not diving, there's a pool with a fantastic light system that plays when the sun goes down.

Very good camera room

For those who focus a lot on photography, here is one of the best camera rooms in the Philippines. It was probably here that the standard was raised for how camera rooms should look and be equipped nowadays. Many have copied it over the years. In addition to the fantastic macro life and over 600 species of nudibranchs that have been confirmed here, there are also nice reefs, wall diving and even wreck diving.

Buceo Anilao resort in the Philippines is a truly amazing destination and resort to visit. Especially for those of you who may not want to be away longer than seven to ten days and not have to spend time traveling further domestically once you arrive at the airport other than a shorter transfer and then have access to world-class diving. Of course, it can be combined with many other things, why not make a stop here on your way to Micronesia (Yap, palau, Guam, Truk) or combine with another destination or live board in the Philippines.

  • Apartments with private shower/toilet
  • Dive center at the resort
  • Daily boat trips
  • Restaurant
  • pool
  • House reef with fantastic species richness and unusual species
  • Wi-Fi
  • Spa
  • 24 hour reception

All pictures with © approval from Buceo Anilao. Philippines

Sea view Deluxe cabanas

10 exclusive Deluxe rooms, 45 sqm with private shower/toilet, balcony and sea view, chairs and tables on the balcony, air conditioning, ceiling fan, minibar, kettle, safe. 2 double beds and 1 single bed

Sea view Superior twin room

4 lovely Deluxe rooms, 25 sqm with private shower/toilet, balcony and sea view, chairs and table on the balcony, air conditioning, ceiling fan, minibar, kettle, safe. 1 double bed and a single bed

Standard twin room

3 Standard rooms, 15 sqm with private shower/toilet, air conditioning, fan, safe. 1 double bed. The rooms are close to the pool but do not offer a balcony.

Diving in Mabini Bay

Few associate the Philippines' main island of Luzon with particularly good diving. The fact is, however, that here only a few hours south of the pulsating world metropolis of Manila lies a real gem, Anilao! It has become a bit of a weekend getaway destination for Manilans. It is not only the beautiful location at Mabini bay that attracts many people here from the big city. Here you will also find fantastic diving. Corals that are very healthy, world class muck diving with all those weird animals you see in pictures everywhere plus a few more that you rarely see.

An amazing variety of squid, nudibranchs, strange gobies, lots of different dragon fish, ghost pipefish including velvet ghost pipefish, frogfish including the all-black hairy and lots of other things that make Anilao more than just a place on the map. It's diving in the absolute top class!

Many dives per day

Up to four guided dives are done per day and here at the resort. They will do everything they can to get you to check your rarities off the list. But here there is more traditional diving with wall diving with large shoals of fish and turtles as well as a huge selection of more traditional critters such as pygmy seahorses, spiny seahorses, rhinopias, strange and colorful crustaceans and nice stream dives with corals in top condition. Add blueringed octopus, mimic octopus, wunderpus, mototi, mandarin fish and many many more. Diving here is absolutely world class.

Few places in the Philippines offer such varied diving as here in Anilao. In contrast to its more famous destination on the other side of the strait, there are dive sites that are not on top of each other and the dive sites are far more numerous. A big advantage of Buceo Anilao is that they are located in the southernmost part of the peninsula. This means that they can easily offer diving on almost any day of the year and are not dependent on the wind. Even the inside of the bay towards the port city of Batangas has a lot of fun to offer. When you live here, it's close and you don't have to keep packing cars to get to the dive boat. Anilao's clearly the best located diving center and the service is top class. The guides really do everything they can to find exactly what you want to see.