Cagayancillo Island Safari

Cagayancillo island safari became possible in January 2020 when Easy Diving Eco Resort completed its resort. In the middle of the Sulu Sea, you stay in luxurious tents that are equipped with high-quality beds and mattresses. During the day you are connected to the electricity grid and at night electricity is supplied by the resort's own solar energy system. All outlets meet European standards. There is a brick building with four showers and toilets available for your personal hygiene. Accommodation on this safari can be booked with 1 king size bed or 2 single beds.

The ecoresort gives you an absolutely wonderful and heavenly experience in an environment that still represents the original Philippines. These islands are remote so you will have a slightly smaller menu with simple but always freshly prepared meals. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed good service from Easy Diving. This is a trip back to the roots, but in style! Alcoholic beverages are also available but not included in your safari price.

To get to Cagayancillo, you will fly in a Cessna that has six seats. This unique tour lasts around 25 minutes and gives you a great first impression. After your stay on the islands, return to Sipalay in the same way. You will be picked up at the airstrip and driven back to Easy Diving and Beach Resort by car where you will be met by the white sand beach. For this experience, scheduled tours apply. Contact us for your booking and we will arrange your diving trip. You can also combine a Cagayancillo islands safari with other locations in the Philippines or with one live board.

All pictures with © approval from Easy Diving, Philippines

Gampling tent

Luxury tents with king size or double bed, 4 shared showers/toilets, European standard power sockets, full board.

Easy Diving Cagayancillo Dive Safari

In the middle of the Sulu Sea away from mass tourism is this luxury tent resort. Here you live simply but well and you have access to incredibly good diving. In the morning, coffee and snacks are served on the way to the first dive. Afterwards, breakfast is served on the boat. After your breakfast, you do the deepest dive of the day. The other two dives later in the day are always shallower. You normally do three dives a day before returning to the bay around 16.00 p.m. Between your dives there is lunch, snacks, fruit, water, various non-alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee on the boat.

Night dives inside the lagoon are always possible. Of course, the program can be adapted to your and other guests' wishes. The boat you take during the day is equipped with a compressor. On board are modern means of communication, safety equipment, a first aid kit and oxygen. Each diver is required to bring their own dive computer, an underwater light and a Surface Marker Buoy / SMB!

After the Safari, you will have the opportunity to explore the main island and meet its inhabitants. To ensure a safe flight back to Sipalay, your last dive ends before 13.00pm on the sixth day. As a consequence, you have a break of at least 18 hours.

The diving here is rarely difficult but we recommend that you have some experience for such a remote dive site. You should know that you are comfortable being out at sea far away from most things. It's a long way from everything here but the marine life can be amazing. You can experience everything from mobulas, manta rays and various large sharks to whale sharks. Sometimes you see dolphins, pilot whales or false killer whales or shoals of hundreds of barracudas. There are also fabulously beautiful walls covered with sponges and various corals and lots of other fish and invertebrates.