Three P Resort, Romblon, magic macro.

Three P resort on the small island of Romblon in the province of the same name offers something completely unique. It is not luxury accommodation on offer, it is luxury to be here and experience the magical diving on offer. Romblon is often referred to as "The marble island" and there is really a lot of marble here. If you want to buy raw marble, you can probably get a truck full for around SEK 300-350. It is so common and cheap that you actually build walls and houses with it. Here at the resort, there are lots of fine works to view both placed around the resort. Even more practical things such as tables, chairs and bathroom furniture and some walls are made of marble. If you want to buy with you, it's cheap, but remember that it's very heavy!

The resort is located directly by the sea. Sandwiched between a small road where there is not much traffic and the sea which is directly outside the resort. There is no real beach, it is mangrove and there is a big difference between high and low tide. When it's low tide and you can go out, you can take beautiful pictures of the sea and sunsets, for example. The rooms are simple but modern and newly renovated and plenty of space. Full board is offered and recommended as there are not many places to eat out and the food is very good. A simpler breakfast buffet is served every day but well proportioned. Later, set lunch and dinner are served with very good food in general.

Beautiful beaches and unique diving

For those who want to make shore excursions, there is a waterfall, some very beautiful beaches. Bonbon beach at low tide is probably a must visit. A visit into town and wander around among the small shops for a while and see the daily life. The marble market combined with, for those who don't mind heavy stairs, a visit up to the old fort with a view of the city.

Three P Resort is run by Enthusiasts, Brothers Philip, Peter and Patrick together with Kati love the diving here. Today, they can offer something truly unique to divers who like to see things they have never seen before. What many travel around the world for several years can be everyday food here. Most of it focuses on macro but there is fantastic diving here with nice reefs and sometimes a bit bigger things to look at too. Ending the day by seeing dolphins around the boat on the way home doesn't make it any worse.

Romblon is for those who want to discover something untouched and unique but who don't have to have everything covered in luxury. For those who want combine with other locations in the Philippines it is perfectly possible to do but it requires an overnight stay in Manila as transfers here are a bit special. A couple of times a year usually comes one live board past these amazing waters but the best way to enjoy the diving here today is with Three P resort in Romblon.

  • Apartments and rooms with private shower/toilet
  • Dive center at the resort
  • Daily boat trips
  • Restaurant
  • Unique and fantastic biodiversity with unusual species
  • Wi-Fi
  • Night diving, blackwater and bonfire diving
  • Unique and remote

All pictures with © approval from Three P Resort Romblon. Philippines

Ocean front bungalow

All bungalows have private shower/toilet, patio facing the sea, air conditioning, ceiling fan, safe. 2 single beds that can be put together to make 1 double bed

Deluxe room

All deluxe rooms are located in the main building and have private shower/toilet, air conditioning, ceiling fan, safe. 2 single beds that can be put together to make 1 double bed

Diving with Ducks Diving

Three P Holiday & Dive Resort and Ducks Diving Romblon offer a unique diving experience. Pretty much all diving takes place from boats and you go out and usually do two dives between breakfast and lunch. After lunch there is an opportunity to rest or do more diving. In addition to twilight and night dives, there is also the possibility of black water diving and bonfires, provided the weather and currents permit.
The diving is easy and there is rarely a current, but the weather can affect the surface organization. Safety always comes first as it is a long way to the nearest pressure chamber.

Here you dive with experienced and genuinely interested guides and explore Romblon's unique dive sites. The resort keeps a record of all the species found including some real rarities such as butterfly nudibranchs (Cyerce nigra, Cyerce burbonica, Cyerce elegans, Cyerce ssp.). The almost mythical genus Melibe with Phantom nudibranch (Melibe colemani), Ghost nudibranch (Melibe engeli).

Here there are several different pygmy seahorses and closely related pipefish. Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus pontohi – both white and dark – earlier H severnsi), Denise Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus denise), Braun's Pughead Pipefish (Bulbonaricus brauni), Glittering pipefish (Halicampus Shitros). Lots of exciting shrimp and crustaceans. For example Chocolate Prawns, Sashimi Prawns and at least 5 types of Hairy and Algae Prawns. Here you can find rare octopuses, 500+ species of nudibranchs and sea snails and much, much more.

Tip is to bring the wish list and they will do their utmost to find what you want to see and you will surely see animals you didn't even know existed. The diving at Romblon is magical except that it is warm and nice, good visibility, nice corals and not many tourists.

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