Sogod Bay Scuba resort

Sogod Bay Scuba Resort is located near the small town of Padre Burgos. The resort is located directly on the ocean and is run by Phil and Darlene McGuire and their staff. Here you are far from the usual tourist routes but can enjoy the fantastic diving that the resort has been built around. Rooms are available in four different standards and are partly at the resort and partly a few minutes' walk away. All rooms offer air conditioning and private showers/toilets.

There is a large, lovely outdoor terrace with table and chairs. There you can enjoy morning coffee, afternoon and evening drinks, meals or just relax with a view of the sea. There is a large common room that serves as a day room and dining room. This usually becomes the natural gathering place that also has a pool table and a lot of books. They help you see and identify what you experienced during the day. For those who want to combine your diving trip with other locations in the Philippines or maybe one live board then we'll arrange it of course. Contact us for suggestions and booking. 

The resort has its own dive center, and equipment and storage facilities are available here. Otherwise, the resort is simple but functional, you come here to dive or snorkel and there is also some to see and experience on land. Some waterfalls, the city of Maasin, beautiful views of nature and if you want a massage, it can also be offered in the rooms. You can go here all year round and dive but it can be windy July – November normally.

Rain can occur all year round and about half of the days of the year it normally rains in this part of the Philippines but it is mostly afternoons, evenings and nights and it belongs to a tropical climate. This is a wonderful destination for those who want to experience something new below the surface and get the chance to see whale sharks naturally when they pass here.

  • Four different room categories with private shower/toilet
  • Dive center at the resort
  • Daily boat trips with day and night dives
  • Restaurant, Wi-Fi
  • Amazing species richness and variety
  • Own house reef with artificial reef in good condition
  • Country tours

All pictures with © approval from Sogod Bay Scuba Resort, Philippines

Budget room

1 budget room (dormitory) with 4 single beds, one of which is a bunk bed. Room includes air conditioning, ceiling fan, bathroom with shower, no bay view. Kettle for tea and coffee


Four apartments double rooms. One has a double bed and three rooms have single beds. Located a short distance from the beach, the rooms offer air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, ceiling fan, bathroom with shower and a large terrace.
Kettle for tea and coffee

2 storey beach house

2-story beach house directly at the diving center. Two rooms, one with a double bed and the other room shared with a small kitchen. TV, fridge, air conditioning and sofa bed.

Ocean View room

5 rooms directly by the sea. Two single beds, rooms include air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, ceiling fan, bathroom with shower and a shared beach terrace overlooking the sea. Kettle for tea and coffee

deluxe ocean view

1 room directly by the sea. A double bed and a single bed. The room includes air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, ceiling fan, bathroom with shower and a place on the terrace by the beach with a view of the sea. Kettle for tea and coffee

Diving in Southern Leyte with SBSR

A small resort with a small diving center but very good guides and staff. Boats are available for day trips, but sometimes you go by car a bit north or south and dive from land. You can also step in directly from the beach and experience the wonderful house reef that is buzzing with life. The house reef has been slowly supplemented with artificial aid to help the corals grow. Two dives per day are usually offered between breakfast and lunch and then you can do another one in the afternoon if you have the stamina, wind and weather permitting. You can also go down to and do night dives at the Padre Burgos pier which can be downright magically good. The boats are traditional bangka boats and take you to the different dive sites and they are very varied.

Very varied diving

Coral reefs, slopes with white or black sand, wall dives that are absolutely fantastic at Napantao Marine reserve and that's how you wish all the world's reefs looked. Limasawa Island offers great visibility and wall and reef diving with occasional passing whale sharks, sharks, rays, other large animals and schools of large fish.

Turtles are common and here you will find large quantities of exciting invertebrates and strange fish. It is quite common to see dolphins from a distance when you go to and from dive sites on the other side of the bay. Sometimes they come right up to the boat and surf the bow wave, which usually results in a commotion and lots of smiles. Southern Leyte and Sogod Bay offer incredibly good diving with great variety. The crowning glory is if you get to dive or snorkel with whale sharks in their natural environment and it is quite common for them to pass through these waters.