Alor Divers Eco Resort Indonesia

Alor Divers Eco Resort has great diving in Indonesia. The resort is located all by itself on a 400 meter long sandy beach on Pantar Island. In order to preserve the authentic atmosphere of the place, they have taken special care when integrating the facility into the natural surroundings. You are constantly very close to nature and all that that entails. In order to maintain a friendly atmosphere and personal service, the number of guests is limited to a maximum of 14 who can be at the resort at the same time. Local people from the nearby village, some assistants from the regional capital Kalabahi and the western management make up the hospitable work team. They are determined to give you a memorable stay in this beautiful and remote resort in Indonesia that is a true escape and away from it all.

The climate in Alor is pleasant. From the beginning of April to the end of October it is usually quite dry and the nights are often surprisingly cold. It is therefore not as difficult to acclimatise as one might otherwise imagine. Also, due to the lack of stagnant fresh water, mosquitoes are rare for most of the year.

Simple restaurant with good and varied food

The restaurant is a relaxing area with opportunities for various daily activities or "inactivity". Whether you just want to relax and enjoy a drink or read a book. It is a place that, in addition to the dining room, also includes a library and a computer corner as well as a comfortable lounge. Three meals a day are served and generally as a buffet or as a family meal. There is always tea and coffee available and in the afternoon you are offered a choice of sweet or savory snacks.

The resort offers a variety of healthy meals with fresh produce from the local market and fresh fish from local fishermen. The meals are a carefully selected combination of Asian and international dishes that will not leave any of the guests unsatisfied. There is usually also the possibility to cater for special dietary needs if you notify us of this well in advance of arrival. During the period December to February, the resort is closed as it is often windy and rains a lot.


  • Room with private bathroom
  • Right by the water
  • eco-resort
  • Restaurant
  • House reef
  • Full board
  • Lounge with library
  • Dive center

Interior and bungalow pictures with © approval Alor Divers, Pantar Island, Indonesia


7 spacious bungalows of 36 sqm each including balcony/patio. The rooms have a double bed and a single bed. Private shower and toilet. Own terrace and deckchairs

New Bungalow

1 new modern bungalow of 66 sqm including balcony/patio. The bungalow has a double bed and tiles on the floor. Private shower and toilet. Own terrace and deckchairs

Diving in the area around Alor

  • Several dives a day, including two boat dives
  • Own house reef
  • Critter, macro, current and coral reef diving
  • Chance of hammerhead sharks, whales, puffer fish and dolphins

The house reef at Alor Divers has fabulously good diving, even when compared to the rest of Indonesia. Here you will find lots of strange invertebrates and lots of fish. The different dive sites in the strait between the islands of Pantar and Alor offer great variety and all dives will be different from each other. In the eastern parts of Indonesia and Nusa Tenggara, tourism is not that great yet and the coral reefs are extremely prosperous and healthy. The species richness is enormous and the flowing water in the strait between the islands here provides the reefs with plenty of nutrition. With good luck, you may also see lumpfish, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, turtles, nurse sharks, dolphins and larger whales.

In Alor you will find many species of squid, fascinating scorpion fish with various Rhinopias. Abundances of frogfish, ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses are also present. Various crustaceans and echinoderms fill the reefs together with sponges and corals fantastic color palette. Something that is very special about the diving here is that it is common to have various parasites. Many fish and crustaceans can be seen with different types of parasites sitting on the body or inside the body or in the mouth of fish. Really spectacular for those who like photography.

Chance to see big fish

Some places are known for hammerhead sharks and if you're lucky you can large shoals pass here. Dolphins are common to see from the dive boat and sometimes also large whales. Sometimes eagle rays pass and large and small stingrays sometimes lie and rest on the bottom or on the reefs. Don't be alarmed if they come rushing right in front of your nose along the reef slopes. Even manta rays can sometimes be seen out in the blue or even whale sharks and thresher sharks.

Alor offers incredibly good diving and to get the most out of it you should be used to diving in flowing water. Anyone can dive here, although some spots can be a bit more challenging. For those who like to photograph beautiful and colorful reefs, this is one of the best places in the world. Many liveaboarders pass this area every year on its way between Komodo and Raja Ampat.