Kalimaya Dive Resort Komodo and Sumbawa island

At Kalimaya Dive Resort Komodo and Sumbawa island, as much as possible of the construction material used for the resort has been procured from local contractors on Sumbawa Island. There are only six bungalows here so the resort is small and family friendly. All bungalows are built in the traditional way with teak and mahogany by Indonesian craftsmen. They have been designed to offer the best possible experience for you and other guests, yet to fit in with the natural surroundings.

Here you wake up to the sunrise over Komodo with its location towards the east Komodo Island and Gili Banta. Later in the evening, you fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping against the shore.

All bungalows are located by the beach and they are spacious with over 30 square meters. The villas have large queen size beds, air conditioning, bathroom with outdoor shower. There is also plenty of storage space here and there is a desk with a chair. Perfect for those who want to edit photos. Outside you have your own beautiful terrace where you can relax after a wonderful day of diving.

If you are traveling alone or want to share a room with a friend, it is possible to arrange for you to get two single beds in your bungalow instead of a double bed.

Stop in Bali before traveling to Kalimaya

We recommend that you make a 1-5 night stop in Bali before going here. Here you can either experience the tourist rush in Denpasar, or travel north where you can enjoy the beautiful nature and the fine diving. We recommend this stop stop in Bali before traveling on to Sumbawa Island. This means that you minimize the risk of missing your transfer to the island, which only departs once a week.

The peak season for diving at Sumbawa Island is June-October. Mid-season in May and November, and then low season December-April. The resort is open all year round, but it rains more during the low season. During the high season, visibility is at its best, and the sea is usually calm with few waves. Of course you can combine your diving trip here with a liveaboard and more easily experience the different parts of Komodo National Park.


  • Room with private bathroom
  • Right by the water
  • Restaurant
  • bar/lounge
  • Dive center
  • Spa
  • Snorkeling package
  • WiFi
  • Air conditioning
  • 24 hour reception
  • SUP

All spacious bungalows have a sea view, private terrace, a queen-size or two single beds, air conditioning, bathroom with outdoor shower, and desk.

Diving around the resort, Sumbawa and Komodo

  • Several boat dives every day
  • Own house reef
  • Muck, macro, current and coral reefs

The house reef at Kalimaya offers really good macro diving. Here you will find many strange species. For example Bumblebee shrimp, paddleflap rhinopia, lacy rhinopia, candycrabs, starry night octopus and bobtail squid. Sangean Volcano is a great place to find all kinds of nudibranchs. Also Wunderpus, Mimic octopus, Frogfish and many more species. The diving at Kalimaya's house reef is also really good and exciting. Other dive sites such as Lapponia, Pipefish City, Disco Doris and all dive sites at the volcanic island of Sangean.

The waters at Komodo National Park and Gili Banta are known to have strong currents. This then means that you dive and let the current carry you forward. You can then experience large areas when diving. Diving at the pinnacles is also common. Then you stay in the same place under the protection of the reef and let the water flow by. Waters bring nourishment to the large quantities of fish. At these dive sites you can sometimes also see large pelagic species. For example, blackfin, whitefin and gray reef sharks can pass by. You also sometimes see mantas, mobulas, eagle rays, tuna in shoals and horse mackerels, to name a few species. Highlights include places like Galley Rock, Mexican Hat, Rollercoaster, Pannetonne Wall and The Waterfalls.

Reef diving is an incredibly relaxing way to experience the beautiful corals and underwater gardens at Kalimaya Dive Resort in Komodo. Here you can take your time to discover the sloping reefs, walls, reef pinnacles and caves that are nearby. At the same time you enjoy the animal life in this underwater jungle”. Here you will find some of the world's most prosperous corals and all the fish and turtles that live on these reefs. Kalimaya Canyon, Roger's Reef, Easter Island and J's Dream are some highlights of these dives.