Diving with bull sharks in Mexico

Do you like big sharks and want to dive with and experience bull sharks in Mexico? A little outside Playa del Carmen, at certain times of the year, large groups of large, usually pregnant, bull sharks gather. It normally takes place during the months of November to March. An encounter with a bull shark is an absolutely incredible and often adrenaline-pumping experience that you have the opportunity to try if you want to get close to these big, massive sharks.

You can dive with bull sharks in Mexico pretty much all year round, but at certain times of the year they are significantly more frequent. This is when you have a good chance of seeing these large animals. Bull sharks are big animals and they get really close. Diving with bull sharks in Mexico is exciting and you will learn a lot about these often misunderstood animals. They are often very cautious and only approach when they feel safe with all the divers.

Shark with a bad reputation

The bull shark otherwise has a reputation for being very aggressive, but it is often in dark waters and usually at the surface. Here you sit on the flat sandy bottom. As long as the sharks see that you have them under control, they are truly fascinating animals that can slide right up to you.

The dive center that takes you on these day trips has a lot of experience in diving here. A diving day normally lasts five to seven hours. You will see the bull sharks as they are lured with fish cleaners to get really close. The guides are skilled and knowledgeable and all use a special outfit called "chainmail suits". You don't feed the sharks yourself, but you are in the water and can study these amazing, massive and graceful animals up close. An experience of a lifetime for those who like to see large sharks up close.