Kusu Island Resort Indonesia, Moluccas

Kusu Island Resort Indonesia is located in the strait between Halmahera and Bacan Island on the small island of Pulau Kusu. Here you are basically completely alone, far from most things. You get here by plane and then by car and boat to paradise for divers. In addition to fantastic diving, as in many places in Indonesia, the focus is also on good food and relaxation. The resort has its own restaurant which maintains a good standard and the service is good. Spa with massage and relaxation is offered for those who want to treat themselves to some nice luxury and enjoyment.

At the resort there is peace and quiet and the diving is varied. Here there is an incredibly rich life both above the surface and below. Here there are hornbills, birds of paradise and various birds of prey and lots of small birds that thrive in the tropical rainforest. Nature will be close to you all the time, but much of the time you will focus on the fabulous diving that is here in the region. There is very good diving in general in this region and here you can experience some of the best.

The diving is varied with big and small and there can sometimes be a strong current in the strait between the islands. Therefore, it is good to have some experience before going here to get the most out of your diving trip and diving. For those who do not dive but like to snorkel, there is a house reef here. It has incredibly beautiful coral reefs and a lot to experience.

For those who want to experience a resort far from mass tourism and world-class coral reefs and can imagine a slightly longer journey, this is a fantastic experience. except diving and snorkeling you can also go kayaking. An adventure where traditional kayaks are offered.

All pictures with © approval from Kusu Island Resort, Indonesia

Ocean Villa

8 Ocean villas of 72 sq m each. All rooms have a double bed. Private shower and toilet in open air style. All rooms have air conditioning, a minibar and a private veranda with outdoor chairs and stairs directly down to the water/beach.
220 Volt Power outlet that works 06-24.

Diving in Halmahera on Kusu Island

Kusu Island's water sports center is located outside by the lovely jetty. All your equipment is taken care of by the staff who rinse and hang it up for you. Here are 12 liter aluminum bottles with both DIN and INT coupling and Nitrox will be available starting in 2022.

Here there is a camera room for the care of your camera equipment, also with plenty of electrical outlets for charging batteries. The resort has its own dive boat. Day dives, house reef dives, night dives and fantastic snorkeling are offered. Gloves are not allowed here as care is taken that divers do not destroy the corals.

Incredibly beautiful reefs and varied diving

The diving is very varied and with amazing coral reefs, walls, slopes and here is a paradise for wide angle photography as well as macro. Here in the region, different types of reef sharks can often pass. Sometimes also larger sharks such as hammerhead sharks or wobbegongs but also other species. Also small sharks such as cat sharks and epaulette sharks or walking sharks, one species of which is completely endemic to Halmahera.

Various manta rays are also often seen here, stingrays, eagle rays and manta rays are all relatively common. Some dive sites can be quite current and a reef hook can be good to have with you. If you want, let me know and you can have calmer diving too.

There are also many other fish here and shoals of snappers, tuna, barracudas, butterflyfish fussiliers, parrotfish and many other large and medium-sized fish. It is common to see turtles here and sometimes dolphins are also seen who live here more or less all year round. The macro life is fabulous and here it teems with different species of crustaceans in all kinds of colors and shapes.

You will find lots of different nudibranchs in every imaginable color and size. Also squid, strange species of scorpionfish and dragonfish and waspfish. Several different species of seahorses, pipefish, ghostpipefish, frogfish and much much more.

You won't have time to experience everything here even in 10-14 days as the diversity of species and dive sites are so many (over 40 within 15 minutes by boat) and varied. You can dive here for a long time without seeing everything. If you want fantastic diving with top-class corals, this region in the Moluccas is absolutely top-class, even if it has not yet become so well-known and exploited. For those who wish, there is also the opportunity to experience diving trips here as well live board. Or why not combine and experience more of the diving in Indonesia.