Metita Island Resort Indonesia, Morotai, Halmahera

Metita Island Resort in Indonesia is a small paradise island in the northern parts of the country. On the southern tip of the island of Morotai i Halmahera is Metita Beach & Dive Resort. This is a brand new resort (2022). It is the northernmost island in Indonesia. 

In the 1500th century, Morotai was the focus of great colonial interest. It was because of the findings of nutmeg and cloves that are only found there. Even today, the islands are called Indonesia's spice islands and the smell of flowers and nuts drying in the sun during the harvest season is wonderful.

During the Second World War, the island was intensively occupied by military activities. Morotai was a strategic base for the Allied forces under General Douglas MacArthur. From here they attacked posts in the Philippines and Borneo in their fight against the Japanese forces. After these exciting years, Morotai Island is now back to its routine as a sleepy tropical paradise. Not even liveaboard will come here again. Curious: (In 1974, the last Japanese soldier from World War II surrendered here on Morotai, a few months after a soldier was also found in the Philippines).

The district of Morotai has 33 islands, of which only seven are inhabited. 26 islands are deserted or uninhabited. The main island is approximately 80 km long and 42 km wide (2 km400) with very rugged interior parts. Several mountains rise more than 2 meters above sea level, forcing all villages to lie around the coast. Morotai Island is located 1 km off the mainland coast of Halmahera and the waters between the two islands are up to 000 meters deep.

The Morotai Islands have their own unique rainy and dry season, with the rainy season normally falling from November to March with stronger winds and then very popular for surfing. The dry season offers better diving conditions with calm water and 99% sunny weather usually from March to November.

Morotai, unknown and exciting

Morotai is still a gray area on many maps which makes it even more interesting but also vulnerable. Here, they work for sustainable tourism by avoiding the use of plastic, educating the local population in terms of nature conservation, building the facility with respect for the existing forest and supporting ecological fishing. There is also a specially designed hatchery for sea turtles to ensure that the population around Metita Island grows again. Our guests will always be invited to visit the little inhabitants and maybe even be lucky enough to release a turtle.

The resort is simple but comfortable and there are nice bungalows, diving center, restaurant, spa and apart from diving they offer land tours, snorkelling, yoga, cooking classes or why not have your wedding here. At the restaurant there is a large kitchen garden where you grow your own vegetables and herbs. Fruits such as existing mango, banana and papaya trees are complemented by pineapples, avocados and melons scattered throughout the resort, allowing the resort to offer you and other guests a largely organic menu. In addition, they work with local fishermen and farmers to ensure that our food is not only of high quality, but also that their families benefit from the resort.

All pictures with © approval from Metita Beach & Dive Resort, Morotai, Indonesia

Beach cottage

All bungalows have a private shower and toilet in open air style, a private veranda with outdoor chairs and stairs directly down to the beach. The rooms have a double bed or two single beds. Air conditioning, minibar and music system.

Garden family cottage

Bungalow with a shared private open air style shower and toilet for both rooms. A private veranda with outdoor chairs and stairs directly down to the beach. The rooms have a double bed and two single beds respectively. Air conditioning, minibar and music system.

Diving in Morotai

About 40 dive sites are already known and more will appear. Since Morotai is far off the usual tourist routes in Indonesia, there are unique opportunities to discover yet unknown dive sites. Of course, it is a responsibility to ensure that they are treated in a sustainable way. Isn't it great if you can be a part of such a unique opportunity?

Morotai is the last island before Pacific in the north. The island was therefore considered an important strategic bastion during the Second World War. On September 15, 1944, Morotai, held by 500 Japanese soldiers, was overrun by an American force of 60. From then on, Morotai played an absolutely decisive role in the Allied invasion of the Philippine Islands. For their forces, the Americans built an airport with seven runways. When the Allies later left the island, they also left behind a large number of cars, trucks, tanks, planes and ships. Most of the time they were just pushed out to sea or sunk. Great for divers today! 

Dive and experience small sharks

It is not difficult to dive with sharks here at Metita Island Resort in Indonesia. It is only a two minute boat ride to the outer edge of the reef where the sand plateaus gently slope down. Here you take a break at a depth of 18 meters for a while and watch the sharks gliding around you in the current. At the end of your dive, follow the reef and look for small animals and schools of sweetlips or horse mackerel. Not so many years ago, in 2013, a new species of shark was discovered here in Halmahera. "The walking shark".

This small shark, Hemiscyllium halmahera, uses its fins to wiggle along the ocean floor looking for small fish and crustaceans. The shark, which has broad horizontal stripes, does not grow longer than 75 cm and is harmless to humans. It is easy to find here on night dives. Especially in shallow sandy or broken coral areas.

Dive sites that the resort operates and dives from are the east coast of Pandanga, which is the southern tip of Morotai Island. Then north to Rau Island. Diving also takes place at Dodola Island with its beautiful corals and to GaloGalo where manta rays are common. On day trips you can discover diving sites on the Halmahera mainland in the Tobelo area. There is an underwater volcano and a lot of mud diving. The diving center offers several diving courses from you can try diving and then up to PADI divemaster.