Palau Island Safari

  • Ocean currents contribute to one of the most varied and fascinating marine life in the world  
  • The pride of Palau – The Rock Island  
  • Manatees, manta rays, sea turtles and rays  

During your Palau Islands safari, you can experience everything from caves and walls to large drop offs. Don't miss swimming among millions of (harmless) jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake. Everywhere you can enjoy the fantastic view and some of the world's best diving sites.  

The Rock Islands are the pride of Palau. More than 200 jungle-covered rocks are scattered in the waters south of Koror. Worn by the tides and grazing marine animals, the base of the cliffs are narrower than the tops, making them look like emerald-colored sponges poking out of the turquoise sea.  

Palau has three ocean currents in its waters and these feed one of the most varied and dazzling marine life in the world. Palau is synonymous with the word wonderful as the site offers an endless variety of dive sites with everything from caves to walls and large drop-offs, from tunnels and canals to shallow reefs. Everywhere you can enjoy the amazing view and an almost limitless variety of marine life. Dive sites such as Blue Corner and German Drop-off are known worldwide as two of the best and most appreciated dive sites.

A stop on the way or in Palau is almost a must

A suggestion for diving trips to Palau is that you combine a few days on land or a stop in Yap or Filippi Erna. It may even be absolutely necessary depending on what your flights look like. It is often necessary to double plane tickets to get to Palau and flights do not operate every day of the week. This is a remote destination but also really lovely for diving, snorkeling and relaxing.

Regardless, one is live board to Palau at some point during your diving career almost a must. Contact us for questions and booking and we will help you put together your diving trip to Palau or in combination with another destination.

What is included in a liveaboard package?

  • Transfers airport - boat t/r
  • 7-10 nights in a share in a double cabin with private bathroom
  • All meals and drinks (non-alcoholic or with alcohol depending on the liveaboard) on board
  • 3-4 dives per day with a guide
  • 12L bottle, weights and weight belt
  • Nitrox free or as an option depending on the choice of liveaboard


Those who travel to Palau can expect to see a variety of reef sharks, huge shoals of jacks and barracudas, mantas and eagle rays, Napoleon fish and bat fish along with many other animals and impressive corals. Drift dives are the norm and there are also plenty of wrecks to visit. Add to that the amazing scenery at the top and the history from World War II and you have a great diving trip ahead of you.

Ulong Channel - often considered the best dive in Palau! This exciting drift dive has it all; walls covered in hard and soft coral, shark colonies and other pelagic activities, a beautiful population of salad coral as you drift through the channel, giant clams and lots of grouper just to name a few examples. Keep your eyes open, because it is possible to see almost anything during this dive.

German Channel – It was formed in the 1900s when German miners blasted a straight waterway through the coral to transport their phosphates. This site is now known for its attraction to manta rays which are regular visitors to the coral reefs of just 15 metres/ 50 feet. The channel is over 1 km long and provides the opportunity for fantastic diving, and despite the explosions, the coral barriers attract many species of fish.