Misool Eco Resort

Misool Eco Resort is an exclusive diving resort located in the remote parts of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Here you will find a true paradise and perhaps one of the world's best places for diving and diving trips. For those who want to experience a diving trip with exclusivity, far from divers with pristine unaffected healthy and prosperous reefs, this is perhaps the world's best destination for diving trips. The resort offers 19 luxurious cottages or different types of villas. Water Cottages have a private bathroom, hot water, a hammock built into the veranda and a staircase leading down to the sea. 4 villas are located on the north side of the lagoon and 7 villas on the south side.

Diving with Misool Dive Centre

  • 3 dives daily by boat plus one night or early morning dive
  • Own house reef
  • Free nitrox
  • Full range of PADI courses

Misool's dive center is located in their North Lagoon and from here you get to dive sites that are absolutely fantastic. The reefs here are protected and the entire area has strong protection against predatory fishing and is today a marine park with a total ban on fishing. The resort is built on stilts over the turquoise water. Here they offer plenty of space and it is well suited for UV photographers and videographers. A "wet" space of 50 square meters is equipped with a workbench that is perfect for handling cameras and charging lampports etc. The nearby "dry" space is furnished with comfortable chairs, a small library and a screen for viewing the day's images.

On the outside stretches a 120 square meter veranda, perfect for relaxing between dives. You have access to the North Lagoon through the stairs from the diving center or from the pier where the diving boats are located. Experience the crystal clear and stunning reefs of Misool, Indonesia in Raja Ampat and you will be hard pressed to find anything much better.


  • Room with private bathroom
  • Right by the water
  • Restaurant
  • bar/lounge
  • Dive center
  • Spa
  • Snorkeling packages
  • WiFi
  • Transfer by boat around the resort
  • Air conditioning
  • 24 hour reception
  • Kayaks, local excursions

Water cottages

Water Cottages have a private bathroom, hot water, a hammock built into the veranda and a staircase leading down to the sea.

North lagoon – Villa Utara

The villa is located with a view of the house reef and the diving sites in Fiabacet in the distance. Stairs down to the sea for excellent access. Villa has two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a shared living room and a large veranda. The villa is recommended for families or groups consisting of 4-6 people.

The Misool Mission

Misool's conservation initiatives, including the Misool Marine Reserve, have blossomed over the years. The reserve has now grown to 300 hectares. That's roughly the size of all five boroughs of New York City combined. A salaried 000-person team of local rangers, many of whom are former shark fin fishermen, patrol the area using a fleet of five boats, and there is also radar monitoring to prevent fishing. The result has been an average increase in biomass in the reserve by 15% over a six-year period. There are 250 times more sharks on Misool's reef than ten years ago. There are significantly more manta rays as well.

Today, Misool is one of the most pristine reef systems left on Earth. According to a May 2017 assessment by marine biologist and coral reef ecologist Dr Mark Erdmann, Misool is “one of the few places in the universe where biodiversity is increasing rather than decreasing”. Erdmann also praised that "there is such a great biodiversity". This means that there is a greater number and greater diversity of fish, coral and molluscs on these reefs than anywhere else on earth.

When it comes to corals, a single football field-sized patch of Misool's reef has nearly five times as many coral species as the entire Caribbean Sea. The 1 species of reef fish found in the one million hectare Raja Ampat are three times more than the 564 different species observed in the entire 500 million hectares of the Caribbean. The relative density of fish species in Raja Ampat compared to the Caribbean is 680:200.

Some liveaboard pass in this area but they are so few that you will hardly notice them. If you want to experience this fantastic area, Misool Eco Resort is completely unique.

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