Triton Bay Divers resort

Triton Bay Divers resort is located approximately two hours by boat from Kaimana in western New Guinea. Actually, it does not belong to Raja Ampat but is a separate region and today a marine reserve. The resort has six beautifully situated bungalows with direct views of the beach and sea. Full board is included here and free access to coffee, tea and water. Electricity is available in each room and in the restaurant for charging batteries, etc. but currently electricity is only available between 06.00:23.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX. New solar panels are in the works to ensure electricity even at night. The rooms here are simple but functional and you won't be spending most of your time in the rooms anyway.

The resort is very remote, and reaching a pressure chamber takes at least two days to get to and is only available in herd or Ambon why it is important to be restrained with your diving. Maximum dive times are normally 70 minutes and it is also about the safety of the guides as they dive every day all year round.

Exceptional marine life

Here there is an incredibly rich marine life and with corals that beat most in color splendor and the opportunities for underwater photographers are quite difficult to beat. On one side of the beach, the diving center is slightly separated from the bungalows and here there is storage space and a limited possibility to rent equipment, which is why it is important to book well in advance. 12 liter bottles and air are what are offered here. Most of the dives are made to a maximum depth of 20 meters, which means that nitrox is rarely necessary.

All year round there is the opportunity to dive with whale sharks which, like in the northern part of Papua Barat, come into the fishermen's platforms (bagans) and eat all the small fish. Here, in addition to magical coral reefs, there are also incredible amounts of fish and invertebrates such as dolphins, fin whales and various shark species. It is rarely liveaboard come all the way here but they usually cruise nearby out in the Banda Sea for a week or two a year to experience this fantastic diving.

  • Bungalows with private shower/toilet
  • Dive center at the resort
  • Daily boat trips
  • Restaurant
  • Own house reef
  • Whale shark
  • Unique and remote

All pictures with © approval from Triton Bay Divers resort, Indonesia


All bungalows have natural air conditioning and ceiling fans. Private toilet and shower, coffee, tea, water, electrical outlet.
If you want to have access to alcohol, you must bring it yourself as it is not available in this region of Indonesia

Diving at New Guinea

Triton Bay Divers offers 2-3 dives per day by boat. There is also the possibility of dusk or night diving and the diving is fabulously good. Usually you do two dives after breakfast and then one in the afternoon, but this may depend on the choice of dive sites. The dive sites vary from mountain tops to shallow soft coral gardens. Here there are huge boulders draped in colorful corals, massive black corals. You also have current and wall diving as well as the possibility of macro diving. Triton Bay is probably best known for its beautiful soft coral gardens. Some suggest this should be called the "soft coral capital of the world" with all due respect to Fiji.

Most of the dive sites are in and around Iris Strait (the waters between Aiduma Island and the mainland) just south of Triton Bay. For most of the dives it is not necessary to go deeper than 20 meters. The shallower parts actually have the best coral and fish action. The price you pay for these spectacular soft coral gardens and the multitude of shoals of fish of all shapes, colors and sizes is reduced visibility. It usually varies considerably and averages about 10 ~ 15 meters. Visibility can be as low as 5m but that's because of all the fish. The site may as well be over 25 m. Then it depends on the weather and currents and upwellings. They try to plan the dive according to these conditions. Water temperatures vary between 28-30° Celsius during the diving season and drop to around 24 degrees during the eastern monsoon (June ~ September).

The marine life is extremely rich and here you will find some endemic species such as flasher wrasse and walking epaulette shark. The area is famous for its whale sharks, which you visit at least once if you stay here for at least 7 nights. They are normally here all year round.

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