Uepi Island Resort Solomon Islands

Uepi Island Resort The Solomon Islands or Solomon Islands is located at the Marovo Lagoon, which is the longest saltwater lagoon in the world. The two large volcanic islands of Vangunu and New Georgia connect it on its southern and western sides. The northern boundary consists of a 130 km long raised barrier reef with approximately 100 individual islands scattered along the reef. A smaller third volcanic island, Gatakae Island, occupies the southeast corner. The inner lagoon also has many islands. With its many and complex terrestrial and marine habitats, the natural beauty and environment of Marovo's lagoons is truly outstanding.

Welcome to Uepi Island Resort! A typical small island raised on a barrier reef, covered in impressive rainforest, surrounded by fantastic reefs and sandy beaches. Flanked by the beautiful and warm lagoon water on one side. The sea depth (2000m) of “The Slot”, a deep marine abyss, on the other. Uepi Island is approximately 2,5 km long and 300 meters wide. The entire area, apart from the resort's cultivated tropical gardens, is covered in tropical rainforest interspersed with hiking trails. Uepi Resort is the only resort on this remote island.

One of the attractions of Uepi is the small number of guests who share this beautiful island. Although there are 26 beds, approximately 18-20 guests is considered a full house. There are six spacious, well-equipped bungalows for families and two smaller bungalows and two small single rooms. All rooms have private bathrooms with showers and toilets.

Food and drinks are served at various locations

Breakfast and evening meals are served in the "leaf haus", the dining room in the main building. Lunch is delivered to your accommodation. All meals are based on fresh, locally grown organic produce from nearby villages. Always together with the freshest fish and shellfish you can imagine. Uepi has an on-site kitchen garden that grows most of the facility's vegetables and fruit. Excellent chicken and eggs are also produced locally for the resort. The meals are prepared by the resort's talented local chefs and are a highlight of your stay. Special dietary needs can be accommodated with adequate notice, consultation and cooperation.

The resort's main building "the leaf haus" own bar adjoins the dining room and offers selected imported wines. The well-regarded local “Solbrew” beer plus limited imported beers and a variety of spirits and mixers. Green coconuts to drink are available. Cooling breezes and cold drinks make the bar the most popular meeting place.

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Dual Unit

2 units that share a common wall but are otherwise completely private. (about 20 meters from the beach) Each apartment has a fan, bathroom and a separate toilet. In the great room there is a sleeping alcove with either a king size bed.
or two single beds.
Sink, tea and coffee maker, wardrobe, storage space. The apartments are located
on an elevated area near the beach. Rooms open onto a large shaded deck with hammock.

Garden Bungalow

2 bungalows located a little further (about 40 meters) from the water's edge in a separate building.
garden environment. Both rooms have a king size bed (or two single beds that can be shared). Both bungalows have a fan, tea and coffee making facilities, fridge, separate shower and toilet, luggage rack and storage space for clothes. A large shady deck with its own patio furniture and hammock.

Beach Front Bungalow

5 Beachfront bungalows which all have a main room with sitting area, desk, tea and coffee making facilities,
refrigerator. 1 standard beachfront bungalow with two single beds, 3 premium beachfront bungalows with king size or two single beds and a family beachfront bungalow with two bedrooms. All bungalows have a fan, private bathroom with separate toilet. Outdoor deck with hammock.

Diving with Uepi Island in Marovo Lagoon

Uepi Island Resort in the Solomon Islands offers unique diving opportunities at world-class dive sites located just minutes from the dive resort. Dive sites conveniently located either off the drop of the island or just a short boat ride away. The diving is based on planning for several different depths, (multilevel). You start at 30 meters or less and slowly ascend throughout the dive. Dive computers are required by every diver. It is common for divers to stay in the water for about an hour on each dive as the 5-10 meters and top of the reef have endless species to discover. It is ok so that each diver gets maximum value from each dive.

Rarely can you see such diverse concentrations of marine life in such a varied environment. Here you have everything from lagoon coral gardens to vertical walls and drop offs to a depth of 2000 meters (The Slot). Pretty much all places within just a three kilometer long reef.

Small groups and great diving

The same dive profiles apply to shore dives, night dives and boat dives at Uepi's sites. Due to Uepi's location, the water can be very clear. Sometimes with visibility that easily exceeds 30-40 meters or visibility that can also be significantly less. Tidal currents that alternate to and from Marovo Lagoon and "The Slot" make the deep water passage directly adjacent to the resort an excellent habitat for a colorful population of plankton filter feeders. Corals and fungi thrive here, but also quantities of fish and various pelagic species.

All dives have a dive leader and a dive plan. Divers are expected to dive at least within their qualifications and experience. As the dive guides get to know you and individual divers, they can relax and be flexible enough about the dive plans. It is to accommodate and take care of the varied range of different experienced divers that are attracted here. To help maximize your enjoyment, the resort tries to keep small groups of like-minded divers. Of course, it is appreciated that divers come from far away to dive here, so they try to maximize the experience for everyone regardless of experience. The dive center does 2-3 per day normally and also offers night dives on request.

Uepi is located very very remote so a serious medical evacuation is sometimes complex. No doubt expensive so you must have good insurance to dive here. There is no Nitrox in Uepi. Of course, you can also combine your accommodation at Uepi Island Resort with one live board. Contact us for your booking to Solomon Islands