Bilikiki Liveaboard in Solomon Islands

Bilikiki Liveaboard in Solomon Islands is a large boat that is often ranked as one of the best liveaboards in the world. The boat was the first liveaboard in the Solomon Islands and started running back in 1989. The name Bilikiki comes from one of the island's most special birds, the “Beach Thick Knee”, or as the locals call it – the Bilikiki bird. Bilikiki has 10 cabins in total, eight of which have double beds and one single bed (floor). Two cabins have two single beds. All cabins are air-conditioned and have their own shower and toilet.

There is a large sun deck, comfortable lounge and camera area and a spacious diving deck. The size and a hull built for the seas of the South Pacific are two main reasons why guests from all over the world still say that "Bilikiki" is one of the most spacious and comfortable ships they have traveled on. The crew is very experienced and almost everyone on board has been working for at least 10 years. Everything from the captain to the kitchen staff and dive guides have been around for a long time.

Bilikiki Cruises liveaboard in Solomon Islands works very close to the population and wants to have a positive cooperation with the people of the country. This is done in several ways and some completely unique. From implementing eco-friendly diving practices to doing everything they can to ensure local people see the benefits of liveaboarding. Since starting liveaboarder, the company has distributed seeds for vegetables, fruits and root vegetables and then bought back produce from the local villagers.

Important to work with the local population

This not only creates a source of income in villages with very little economic activity. It also means that you always have fresh fruit and vegetables on board during your travels. The amount of seeds handed out means that the diets of not only staff and guests but also the local population are more varied than they would have been otherwise.

In addition, it collaborates with the Loloma Foundation. They provide nurses, doctors, dentists and supplies. Then Bilikiki turns into a floating hospital for a week or two every year. It's a great opportunity for people in the areas where we dive to get care that they wouldn't normally have access to.

Many guests often bring things to distribute in the villages. From school supplies to footballs. It can make a big difference to people in villages without much cash economy or shops. Bilikiki Liveaboard in Solomon islands will be happy to advise you on what to bring. If you have free space in your luggage, or want to buy things in Honiara, it's a great way to help. All diving is also paid for to dive on the reefs you visit.

Visit to land

Traditionally, all land and the adjacent reef is owned by the tribes in the area and controlled by the local chief. By paying for the diving means that Bilikiki is always welcome. It provides incentives for coral reef owners to protect their reefs as much as possible. You will also visit villages during your trip to see traditional song and dance. It gives you and other guests a fantastic experience and the village with little income is given a chance to show off its cultural heritage. The same goes for the wood carving villages you visit. Carving is the main economic activity for many people in Marovo Lagoon. Being able to purchase this handmade art is a highlight for many guests, it's a win for everyone involved! All shore visits with Bilikiki are planned so you can catch them between your dives and do not affect the number of dives you can do.

This part of the Pacific doesn't have many tourists and the experience here is very special. The great memories probably come from meeting people as much as your diving. This is a diving trip that is completely unique and there is also a lot of history here. Diving trips to the Solomon Islands require some planning and stops along the way are necessary to combine your flights from Scandinavia. This is to avoid the risk of losing luggage on the way.

Technical specifications:

  • Height: 38 m
  • Width: 7 m
  • Cabins: 10
  • Construction material: Steel
  • Maximum number of guests: 20
  • Speed: 7-8 knots
  • Guides: 2-3
  • Nitrox: Yes
  • Charging station: Yes
  • Tenders: 2

Cabins available on board

Twin cabin

A total of 10 cabins with double beds and 8 also have a single bed (floor), all offer their own shower / toilet, air conditioning, wardrobe


Solomon Islands safari 7 nights
Solomon Islands safari 7 nights

The Solomon Islands safari for 7 nights on a liveaboard is a magical experience. Here you dive on beautiful reefs but a mixture of caves and war history including wrecks. Big and small fish and lots of marine life. These tours sometimes also run during "Best of Solomon" or when there is more focus on wrecks "WW II Wrecks week"

Solomon Islands safari 10 nights or more
Solomon Islands safari 10 nights or more

The Solomon Islands safari for 10 nights on a liveaboard is a magical experience. Here you dive on beautiful reefs but a mixture of caves and war history including wrecks. Big and small fish and lots of marine life. These tours sometimes also run during "Best of Solomon" or when there is more focus on wrecks "Guadalcanal and the western province"

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  • 7 – 14 nights in a share in a double cabin with private bathroom
  • All meals as well as coffee, tea, water, other drinks for an additional charge
  • 4 dives per day + 1 night dive with a guide
  • 12L bottle, weights and weight belt
  • Nitrox against supplement