Solomon Islands safari 10 nights or more


The Solomon Islands safari 10 nights is, as it sounds, a trip through the Solomon Islands. A liveaboard and diving trip is among the most unique things you can experience when it comes to diving trips. You will dive and visit the Russell Islands, Mary Island and the Nggela Islands, also known as the Florida Islands. On a trip of 10 nights or longer, you will also visit the Marovo Lagoon area in the western province of New Georgia. On the longer trips, Bilikiki stops at other villages to see the famous wood carvings in the area. Here you have the chance to see and buy handmade joinery and other amazing traditionally made items.

Experience the Marovo Lagoon

The extra days allow you to reach the far northwest to Marovo Lagoon and the New Georgia group. You will dive and experience the amazing reefs in these areas. The trip also includes visits to some villages. There you will see and feel traditional song and dance or buy fantastic wood carvings. Here you can also take a walk to see traditional life up close. When it's time to dive and your liveaboard is stationary, canoes with women and children come to sell fruit and vegetables which is an experience in itself.

This tour is sometimes also called the “Best of Solomon”. Your Solomon Islands safari of 10 nights can also be done with more focus on wrecks and is then usually called "Guadalcanal and the western province". During World War II, the Battle of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands took place here. There is an incredible amount of history here today and many wrecks, including airplanes and submarines are still here today, even though most of them lie at very great depths.

En live board to Solomon at some point and a Solomon Islands safari 10 nights during your diving career will bring new perspectives to your travels. It's a long way to go but worth the time and you'll experience a lot above the surface too. Contact us for questions and booking and we will help you put together your diving trip and adventure to the Solomon Islands or the Solomon Islands or in combination with another destination.

What is included in a liveaboard package?

  • Transfers airport - boat t/r
  • 10 nights or more in a share in a double cabin with private bathroom
  • All meals on board
  • 3-5 dives per day with a guide
  • 12L bottle, weights and weight belt


Russell Islands
  • White Beach
    This dive site is a former American base from World War II. Trucks, bombs and ammunition were dumped in the sea here. Both a fascinating historical dive and a fantastic macro site in an unusual mangrove site.
  • Mirror Pond
    A stunning pond that mirrors the jungle above. Outside the reef is a steep wall where snappers and tuna hunt. Here you also have pygmy seahorses hiding in the wonderful gorgonians. In shallow water there is a fantastic coral garden where crocodile fish, squid and anemones live.
  • Karumolun Point
    The chief of Karumolun Island has banned all fishing and gathering at this dive site for five years. It has created a local marine protected area. This dive site has amazing soft corals, a large shoal of jacks, barracudas and lots of sharks. Eagle coats are often seen here as well. The macro life at this dive site is also fantastic with disco clams (electric clams), nudibranchs, octopus, crocodile fish and ghost pipe fish among the things seen.
Mary Island
  • Divers often refer to Mary Island as the "best" dive of their dive trip. It is an uninhabited island with an amazing amount of hard corals and a rich fish life. The schools of fish are amazing here, especially when joined by sharks, turtles and bumphead parrotfish. You usually stay here all day.
Nggela Islands (Florida Islands)
  • Devil's way
    The best place in the Solomons to dive with manta rays. A channel between two islands leads the water to very strong currents and this is an adrenaline filled dive. You drift along the top of the reef, duck and quickly swim down under the upper part of the reef wall and then watch as up to a dozen manta rays swim close in formation to feed. They are often joined by sweetlips, jacks and bumphead parrotfish.
  • Maravagi Bay
    A macro diver's paradise! This is a quiet sheltered bay that offers all sorts of great macro objects such as nudibranchs, demon stingers, scorpionfish, waspfish, various pipefish, squid, juvenile batfish, various anemonefish, shrimp and crabs. Plus some giant clams and a small wreck packed with batfish.
  • Japanese Mavis seaplane
    A Japanese seaplane sunk during World War II and sitting upright on the bottom at 30 meters. It is an impressively large, mostly intact plane. This location is also great for macro items. Here you will find, for example, various ghost pipefish, twin spot gobies and spine check anemone fish.
Marovo Lagoon
  • sneezes
    This dive site is amazing with lots of hard corals and gorgonians and it's also teeming with marine life and fish. Batfish follow you and the other divers around, shoals of jacks and barracudas circle the tip. All while giant bumphead parrotfish chew on the coral. All this amazing color and beauty passes by and often you can hear sounds from the underwater volcano Kavachi which is only 25 km away.
  • The caves of Mbulo
    This is a series of interconnected caves and tunnels where the light from sun rays gives a magical atmosphere. There are also incredibly fine hard corals and lots of tropical fish on the reef outside.
  • Wickham Island
    There are many great dive sites around this island. There is something for everyone here with places for soft corals, huge gorgonians and often sharks and rays. In addition, there are good places to look for small things such as pygmy seahorses, octopuses, crocodile fish, eels and many different species of anemone fish.
  • Japanese Maru No. 2
    A Japanese freighter sunk by American bombers during World War II. This is an amazingly photogenic wreck covered in black coral. A deck cannon hangs over the ship's side and often there is full action with trevallies and groupers chasing smaller fish around the deck.

Liveaboards offering this safari



Bilikiki is a really big boat and very popular liveaboard. Many people say that there is a lot of space compared to other liveaboards, and that is quite true. In the Solomon Islands you will experience fantastic encounters both below and above the surface. Service and food are of a very high class.


Solomon Master Liveaboard

Solomon Master Liveaboard

Solomon Master will take you on an unforgettable adventure around the central Solomon Islands and Guadalcanal. It's not only great diving but also an adventure to experience the culture and people of this still very untouched destination.