Bangka Island, Blue Bay Divers resort

Bangka Island and Blue Bay Divers resort offer a wonderful experience and for those who do not need five-star accommodation but like the luxury of being in a place almost without tourists, this is paradise. On the small island of Sahaung located in the southern bay of Bangka, you have an idyll that is hard to beat. Nestled in tropical greenery, by a white beach and surrounded by a tropical blue coral sea teeming with life, Blue Bay Divers resort is located at Bangka island. The resort offers peace and quiet, wonderful food and, on top of that, very good and varied diving. The resort is very aware of the environment and works daily cleaning the beaches and in the sea and tries to avoid plastic as much as possible.

Being here is balm for the grounds and along with the diving, Bangka Island and Blue Bay Divers resort is a fantastic experience. The resort has several boats and they are of a more traditional Indonesian style for shorter diving trips around the island or one of the neighboring islands of Bangka or Talisei or to the mainland around Pulisan. With its wonderful location in the bay at Bangka Island, you can experience fantastic and colorful sunrises and sunsets here.

Own bar and restaurant, real holiday and paradise feeling to be here

The resort has its own restaurant and bar, the food is consistently good and the service and friendly staff make this a luxurious experience to be here. The rooms are simple but functional and located by the beach. All bungalows are quite typical of Indonesian wooden resorts and all rooms have fans and bathrooms. Instead of a shower, you are offered a traditional Indonesian mandi where you take the water from a tub and rinse yourself. After the last dive of the day, the staff brings hot water, which is a really nice experience. There is a patio but most people gather around the bar and restaurant where you can have a cool relaxing drink before the meal. For those who like to snorkel, there is a fantastically beautiful house reef here with fine corals and lots of fish and sometimes the occasional turtle that might be scouting to see what the beach looks like before possible egg laying.

A true paradise

The resort also offers day trips to the main island for those who want to visit a market, experience jungle and nature, with ghost animals, black macaques, volcano trekking and highland tour and some other things. For those looking for a paradisiacal idyll, Bangka Island and Blue Bay Divers Resort in North Sulawesi and Indonesia are truly something to experience. Transfers to and from the airport or to resorts both in Bunaken and in Lembeh can be arranged by both boat and car.

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Diving with Blue Bay Divers on Bangka island

The resort's diving center, like most good diving centers in Indonesia, offers good service and skilled guides. For those who want to learn to dive, this is a great place and a great way to experience marine life for the first time. Basic, continuing and special courses are offered. The resort has several boats, some of which are a little simpler and built in traditional Indonesian style. They take you smoothly to all the different dive sites around Bangka.

The neighboring islands of Talisei, Gangga, Lihaga and Tindila all offer different but good diving spots. Do you want to go to the more famous places? Lembeh Straits lies to the east with its fantastic macro diving. Perhaps the world-famous Bunaken Marine Park attracts with its dramatic wall diving. It's also possible from here and offered pretty much daily. Then there are day trips with three dives in one day.

Blue Bay Divers has several boats here around North Sulawesi: Smiley, Enjoy, Happy, Lucky and Nemo. "Nemo" is much like the resort taxi. The speedboat seats four to six people, is powered by two 50-horsepower engines and allows quick crossings to the main island for transfers. The other boats are used for diving trips. They have a good deck space and a sun and rain protected cabin. The boat crew is happy to help carry the equipment. After the dive you can leave your camera equipment with the boat crew, they will also help you get back to the boat. The boats always have enough drinking water. If we do not return to the resort between dives, you will find coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit and cookies on board. All boats are equipped with oxygen, life jackets and first aid kits.

Skilled guides with an eye for fantastic critters

The guides are skilled and will take you to different places so that you get as varied diving as possible. If you have wish lists of what you would like to see, they will do everything they can to find the most spectacular species you can imagine. Expect different species of frogfish, ghost pipefish and much more. The corals in the area are in very good condition and the marine life is very rich. It is good to know that there can sometimes be quite strong currents in the area. But it is possible to plan for, but it can be good to know that it occurs. It is also the streams that bring nutrient-rich water and contribute to the great biological diversity here.

Shoals of tuna or barracuda occur frequently. Sometimes you can see passing turtles which is also common. With a bit of luck, you will also see eagle rays, mobulas, manta rays, reef sharks and with real luck even dugongs and various whales. There are also many different exciting species of fish here, with everything from parrot fish, surgeon fish, blennies, gobies, pipefish, dragon and scorpion fish and butterfly fish. But here there is much much more and a huge wealth of invertebrates. Here you can see various octopuses, nudibranchs, crustaceans, echinoderms and various nettles. Fantastic fungi cover walls and reefs in every imaginable color and shape.

All dive sites at Bangka are close by

Most dive sites are 5-20 minutes from Sahaung and are located around the island of Bangka. After the dive, the boats return to the resort and the surface interval ends at the resort. If you go to mainland Sulawesi or to the northern tip of Bangka, the travel time can be 15-25 minutes. Then the surface interval will be on the boats and after the second dive you will be back at the resort. Sahaung at Bangka Island and Blue Bay divers is located on a very beautiful island with white sand beach in Bangka and is very close to the most famous places in Bangka - Batu Sahaung or Tanjung Husi - right outside the door pretty much.

Of course you combine one liveaboard in Indonesia or other places in North Sulawesi or elsewhere and treat yourself to a few extra wonderfully lazy days on your diving trip.

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