Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort

Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort is beautifully situated on a hillside of Bunaken Island. Here you have a view of the mangroves on Liang Beach on the south side of the island. You can get here from the airport by car and boat in about an hour normally. The resort offers 12 large, traditionally built villas, including a two-bedroom family villa. There is also a villa near the Long House for those who may have a little difficulty walking. The rooms are large and all have a lovely view out over the sea and towards the pool.

All rooms have Wi-Fi and the rooms have Samsung tablets loaded with guides about the region and marine life and more. Centrally located in the middle of the resort is a beautiful irregular infinity pool with sunbeds. It is located near the bar and restaurant, for those who want to spend time above, rather than under, the water. In addition to fantastic diving, you can also book land tours or why not treat yourself to a relaxing massage at the resort's fine Spa.

Luxury and relaxation

There is a chill-out cocktail bar and a full-service restaurant serving Indonesian and international cuisine. There is its own dive center with a fully equipped classroom and a spacious camera room with more outlets for charging than you will ever need. This is a resort that breathes luxury. At the same time, great care has been taken not to leave too much of an impression on nature. In addition to full board, you are offered a free laundry service and the diving center will take you to many different dive sites in the region with one of its dive boats. Bunaken Oasis is one of the few dive centers that offers diving with Nitrox and some technical diving. 

For those looking for real luxury and relaxation and at the same time proximity to fantastic diving almost on their doorstep, this is a fantastic resort to stay at. A drink in the evening overlooking the sea at sunset while waiting for dinner after the day's diving is pure pleasure at the highest level. Feel free to combine your stay here with a few days in Lembeh Straits.

  • Luxurious bungalows with private shower/toilet
  • Own diving center at the resort with Nitrox
  • Restaurant
  • pool
  • Spa
  • Wi-Fi
  • 24 hour reception

All pictures with © approval from Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort, Indonesia

Luxury cottage

12 bungalows of 70 sq m, all offering air conditioning, safe, mini bar, fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, private shower/toilet, tablet with fish ID guides etc., hairdryer, large outdoor terrace

The diving and the diving center at the resort

All dives are done from a boat - but rarely come liveaboard here. The unpredictable and often strong currents in this area make shore diving impossible to do safely. As a rule, you do double tank dives in the morning and a single tank in the afternoon. Dusk and night dives are available daily on request. The size of the groups is a maximum of four divers per guide. When you arrive at a dive site, you will receive a dive site briefing that explains the topography of the dive site and what you can expect to see, followed by important safety information. Bunaken Marine Park has fantastic visibility for most of the year. On the walls, the average visibility is about 30 meters, while on a good day it can easily exceed 40 meters. If it is below 20 meters, it can be considered low visibility.

On the mainland, visibility is normally worse than out at the marine park. Tides and weather can have a major impact on coastal diving. To avoid diving in excessively strong currents, a check of conditions is always made at the beginning of each dive. Even so the currents can change very quickly, All guides have SMBs and the boat will meet the divers to pick them up. As this is a national park, gloves and knives are prohibited.

Rich marine life

Bunaken Marine Park is best known for its dramatic walls and its rich diversity of life – especially its macrolife. There's a plethora of critters inhabiting every nook and cranny you look in. Popular regulars include pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, hairy troll crabs and blue-ringed octopus. Although not well known for larger species, the open waters are home to a number of pelagic species that often appear during dives, such as; napoleon wrasse, tuna and giant trevally. Both whitetip and blacktip reef sharks frequent many dive sites, and white-spotted eagle rays are often seen passing by. Bunaken Marine Park is also famous for its turtle population. Bunaken in particular has many turtles that move there all year round - it is not unusual to see more than ten on a single dive. Even the rare and giant leatherback turtle can be seen occasionally.