NAD Lembeh

NAD Lembeh resort is located in the middle of the strait on Lembeh Island. The owner Simon is a dedicated diver and photographer and here they also grow their own vegetables in so-called hydro ponds directly at the resort. You can get here easily by flying to Manado in the northern part of Sulawesi and then by car and boat to Lembeh Island. Here you live well but simply in one of the 15 rooms that are available and this includes full board. In addition to diving, there is a small pool and jacuzzi here that provide pleasant relaxation after the day's adventure, they also offer land tours as an alternative to diving.

There is, of course, its own restaurant, and the food is consistently good, and the service and friendly staff make this a lovely and personal resort. In the evening there is the possibility to watch TV and relax in the small bar or sit by your patio to the room and enjoy the sound of cicadas, birds, flowing water or just the wind caught in the surrounding treetops.

  • Room with private bathroom
  • Beachfront
  • Restaurant & bar
  • Jacuzzi
  • pool
  • Diving center in the resort
  • Wi-Fi
  • 24 hour reception

Beach Front Room

These rooms are located directly by the beach and the pool. Perfect for those who don't like stairs or want to walk so far to get to the sea, the restaurant, the diving center or the camera room. The rooms are available as twin or double rooms. All rooms have their own small patio.
All 10 rooms offer sea views, air conditioning, hot water, wifi and full board

Sea View Bungalow

All bungalows are located in a small separate part of the resort. All rooms have their own small living room which can also be used as a workplace or as a children's room.
All 5 bungalows offer sea views, air conditioning, hot water, wifi and full board.

Diving with NAD Lembeh Resort

  • Daily boat trips with 2-3 dives per day
  • No gloves, maximum 2 divers per guide
  • PADI diving courses
  • Very good for UV photographers
  • Black Water diving

NAD Lembeh offers one of the best places in Lembeh in terms of service for UV photographers. A maximum of two divers per guide and it is possible to have your own guide for an additional fee. Dive packages with two to three dives per day are offered here, but it is also possible to do a fourth dive. Night diving, bonfire and black water diving have become a specialty here and both owners and guides are fantastic spotters and photographers and can give many tips and also photography courses.
The dive boats go all over the strait but with a lot of focus on the northern parts which offer more variety, they also offer diving up to Bangka Island and the north and east side of Lembeh for a supplement and enough divers. The diving center offers complete equipment as well as dive computers, aluminum bottles and UV lamps for rent, as well as nitrox for those who wish. You can also take training courses on site via PADI. Everything from beginner course to Divemaster.