North Andaman Similan Surin Liveaboard in Thailand

You get Thailand's most classic diving when you book the safari and diving trip North Andaman Similan Surin in Thailand. Starting from Kao Lak, a couple of hours' drive from Phuket, the liveaboards depart for these islands off the Thai west coast. Many have made their first diving trip and liveaboard here over the years. For those of you who choose to get a diving certificate in Thailand and then want to go diving and get the best diving in Thailand, this is the tour you should do.

Chances of seeing whale sharks and manta rays are good. Other types of cartilaginous fish such as nurse sharks, zebra sharks or rays are also often seen. Visibility is usually at least 20 meters. In some cases go down to 10 meters but just as well +40 meters. Depending on the time of year, it can be rainy and windy and the dive cruise is adapted to the prevailing conditions.

Similan Islands and Surin

These emerald-green, vegetated rock islands out in the pale blue waters of the Indian Ocean offer Thailand's most famous diving. Diving trips have been done for a very long time. Richelieu rock known for flowing water, beautiful corals and often whale sharks or mantas. The islands of Koh Bon and Koh Tachai also offer good diving and are usually visited during the tours. At the Surin Islands or Surin Islands you will find beautifully dressed rocks colored by sponges and soft corals. Some of the dive sites here are known for amazing rock formations with large boulders. They create the opportunity to swim through and whale sharks and manta rays are often seen in these waters. The beautiful zebra shark, nurse sharks and various reef sharks are also seen regularly.

For those of you who want to travel to Thailand and do a liveaboard as part of your vacation, the Similan and Surin Liveaboard is the tour you should aim for. You will need a number of nights on land before and after the trip to be able to do this trip and we will of course arrange those nights for you as well.

Read more about the dive sites here ( PDF)

What is included in a liveaboard package?

  • Transfers airport - boat t/r
  • 7 nights in a share in a double cabin with private bathroom
  • All meals and drinks (including local alcohol) on board
  • 4-5 dives per day with a guide
  • 12L bottle, weights and weight belt

Liveaboards offering this safari

Thailand Aggressor Liveaboard

Thailand Aggressor Liveaboard

Thailand Aggressor Liveaboard is one of the boats with the highest standard in Thailand. On board you have comfort and all inclusive and you appear up to five times a day including night dives. Experience the best places in Thailand. They run different tours depending on the season