Blue Lagoon Dive Resort in Micronesia

Blue Lagoon Dive resort is beautifully located on Moen Island in Chuuk. Here you have a wonderful view of the world-famous lagoon and it is perfect as accommodation for you who dive. Here in Micronesia's perhaps most famous diving paradise, Truk Lagoon, you enjoy diving and history in a wonderful mix.  

The hotel, which is built on two floors, has 54 spacious and modern rooms with air conditioning. It blends in well with the island's tropical atmosphere and you can enjoy views of the lagoon from the rooms' balconies. If you take a short walk through the lush garden, you will reach the white sandy beach. There you can take a refreshing dip in the clear water. The restaurant at the hotel offers a selection of sea delicacies combined with dishes from Asian cuisine. The diving center at the resort is conveniently located within the hotel grounds. Here you can dive with both air and different gas mixtures.  

The islands here that surround the beautiful lagoon are marked by their history from the Second World War. This has made Truk Lagoon perhaps the world's most talked about wreck diving destination. There are many historical and cultural excursion destinations for divers and non-divers alike. Places you can reach by taxi or guided bus tours. You can also book an excursion by motorboat that will take you to remote small islands. You can go on a snorkeling excursion or just to enjoy a beautiful sunset. 

A diving trip to Micronesia with diving in Truk Lagoon can of course be combined with a diving safari on board a liveaboard. It will give you great experiences and memories. A must for those who like diving on wrecks and history. Truk Lagoon is perfect to combine with diving as well Yappalau or Coron i Filippi Erna. Contact us and we can arrange diving trips with boats liveaboard or living on land.


  • 54 rooms with private bathroom
  • Restaurant and a bar
  • Dive center
  • WiFi
  • Air conditioning/ fan
  • 24h reception

Standard room

All rooms face the magnificent bay and have their own shower and bathroom as well as a balcony with a sea view.

Dive sites Truk Lagoon

Aikoku Maru – A large combined cargo and passenger ship resting on the right keel on the bottom. Cargo spaces are empty and the center of the ship has collapsed. We strongly advise against swimming into the ship. The first cargo space in the stern was for the military but is now empty. A large anti-aircraft gun is located on top of the rear deckhouse.  

Depth: Superstructure 40 m, deck 49 m, bottom 64 m Size: length 150 m, weight 10 tons  

Amagisan Maru  - A combined passenger and freighter that was damaged by torpedoes and bombs. It lies on the sloping bottom with the stern deeper than the bow. Cargo space number 2 contains a car and other cargo and here you can take many nice photographs. The superstructure and especially the pilot house are interesting to explore.  

Depth: Superstructure 31 m, deck 37 m, bottom 61 m Size: length 136 m, weight 7 tons  

Freighter  - If you saw a poster of Truk Lagoon a few years ago, this small freighter was probably in the picture. The cannon in the bow is the most famous part of the wreck and snorkelers can easily slide under the cannon and pose for pictures. The ship was hit by two large bombs and most of it is destroyed.  

Depth: Superstructure 1 m, deck 9 m, bottom 21 m Size: length 136 m, weight 7 tons  

Fujikawa Maru  - As the most popular wreck in Truk Lagoon, this dive is a must whether you are interested in wrecks or the marine life on offer. Fuikawa Maru offers both. Here there is an abundant growth of soft and hard corals, anemones and crinoids. The cannons in the bow and stern are common objects for underwater photographers. All cargo bays contain cargo, but what is in cargo bay number 2 is very special, namely an almost untouched Zero fighter. The engine room is very interesting, but it requires special diving skills to dive there.  

Depth: Superstructure 9 m, deck 18 m, bottom 34 m Size: length 132 m, weight 6 tons  

Fujisan Maru – Not visited very often due to its depth. There is not much marine life there except for some corals and sponges that grow on the railings and lifeboats.  

Depth: Superstructure 37 m, deck 46 m, bottom 52 – 61 m Size: length 149 m, weight 9 tons  

Gosei Maru – Is better known as the "Stern High Wreck". The depth ranges from 2,5 m at the stern to 31 m at the bow. The propeller and rudder of this ship fascinate underwater photographers so much that they can spend an entire dive in that area. Things found on this dive are beer bottles along with beautiful porcelain pieces. Torpedoes and warheads can be found in some of the cargo holds.  

Depth: Superstructure 2,5 m, bottom 31 m Size: length 82 m, weight 1 tons  

Hanakawa Maru - Was loaded with jet fuel and set on fire by a torpedo. Traces of the fire damage can be seen on the bridge. This ship is located a short distance from the beach near the southeast part of Tol Island. Here there are many hard and soft corals as well as fan corals. A telegraph can be seen near the dock and there are still quite a few items left on the boat.  

Depth: Superstructure 15 m, deck 23 m, bottom 34 m Size: length 112 m, weight 4 tons  

Heian Maru –  This former luxury passenger and freighter is located on the port side, so its name, written in both Kanji and English, is a common photo subject. If you swim into the first cargo hold via the specially made hatch, you can see several torpedoes. On board there are many items left.  

Depth: Hull 12 m, bottom 36 m Size: length 155 m, weight 11 tons. 

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