You can tailor your diving or snorkeling trip
We at Scuba Travel are constantly looking for new opportunities for diving trips and snorkeling trips that will suit the different needs and wishes of our travelers. Whether you're an extreme adventurer, traveling on your own or looking for a holiday for the whole family, we always try to find just the trip that meets your wishes. Let us tailor your diving trip and design your vacation according to your wishes and with our experience.
Most of our trips are tailor-made. This means that we develop a diving trip or snorkeling trip according to your experiences, your ideas and requirements. We ask that you provide us with as much information as possible about yourself and your traveling party. We then brainstorm various proposals with you regarding different diving destinations and plans. You choose where you want to go from, destination and travel period. We help you book your entire holiday and diving trip as a package; flights, transfers, accommodation, diving, diving courses and other activities.

We can also advise you on different combinations if, for example, you wish to live in both live board as well as on land or want to visit different countries or destinations. It's entirely up to you. If you are a group or family looking for different arrangements, we can also help you with that.

After we have discussed back and forth and looked at what is technically possible, we will send you a detailed travel proposal by email. There you get more detailed information about the destination, the hotel, the diving, etc. You also get prices for the different travelers and can see what is included and not in the package. Of course, it is possible to make changes to the package before you choose to book your trip.
If you are planning a trip for a whole group of friends, family, diving club, company or the like and you wish to go on your own group or theme trip, we are happy to help with that. For example, you can go on your own liveaboard in the Red Sea or we can book you into a smaller hotel. Then you can basically live there alone.
Scuba Travel cooperates with a number of diving schools and diving clubs around the Nordics. If you want to follow any of these diving club trips please contact the diving school directly regarding availability. It can be a good idea if you want to get in touch with your local diving school and then also develop your interest in diving at home.
Are you traveling alone or do you want to go on an already prepared plan together with others and perhaps also want to learn something new or be part of a different experience. Then you can join one of our adventurous group trips. These amazing group trips with our ambassadors go to destinations often a little out of the ordinary or that they are focused on some special theme. For example, it could be a diving trip where you have the opportunity to develop as an underwater photographer. It could be a trip where you get the chance to dive/snorkel with some spectacular animal. For example whale shark, humpback whale, great white shark or dolphins.
It can also be a diving trip that focuses on wrecks or technical diving. Our group trips are accompanied by a Scuba Travel ambassador who usually specializes in the specific area. We also have group trips sometimes where there is no tour leader or ambassador. Then the staff at the diving center or the liveaboard will take care of you and the group directly on site. We suggest you take a look at all our exciting group trips that you can find here! Do you want read more and meet our ambassadors, you can click here.
Get a diving certificate and learn to dive

For those of you who are not certified divers yet, we can offer several different options to get a diving certificate and learn to dive. Here you can read more about how you can learn to dive on your next holiday trip.

Scuba Travel can therefore tailor your diving trip to something similar to the perfect or sometimes even better for both you as a beginner and you as an experienced diver. Let one of our knowledgeable travel advisors show you what we're all about and we promise you won't be disappointed, Send us a request here or call us on 0301 22 100.