Snorkeling and freediving
We know that snorkeling and freediving are popular with many people. There are probably more people who like to snorkel and free dive to get great experiences from the sea. The advantage of snorkeling and freediving is that you do not need a diving certificate. There are many places to choose from, but there can be very different experiences that await. Many places that are considered by many to be amazing may not have as beautiful, healthy and thriving corals as it is possible to experience. Nevertheless, you can see a lot even in these places when you freedive or snorkel. For example, many different beautiful fish, rays, starfish and turtles and much more.
Some places can have quite rough water and this may not be ideal for snorkeling unless you are a good swimmer or have good fitness and strength to contend with.
You can usually find the finest and most well-preserved and truly alive coral reefs in places that are a little more remote. There are also better chances of seeing many different marine species. Some of the most popular and talked about places can be found in Egypt, the Maldives, Curaçao in the Caribbean, Mexico in the Caribbean or Thailand. Obviously the most common places get the most attention but we know there are much more and much finer corals in many other places. Another advantage of snorkeling and freediving is that you can do it anywhere and you will probably see more than the divers. You simply have more time and can take it easy.
Places like Indonesia with Bali and Sulawesi and many more places such as the Philippines, Belize, Mexico in the Pacific, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Bonaire also offer exciting snorkeling and freediving. Depending on what experiences you are looking for, we can of course help. Regardless of whether it is large animals such as whales, manta rays or whale sharks, we know where the best opportunities are to experience these giants just by snorkeling or freediving. For those of you who wish to experience the most beautiful and healthiest coral reefs in the world, we know where they are. Even if you want to experience wrecks, that possibility exists. If you want maximum visibility, there are places like that, but the marine life can be more sparse because poorer visibility often means more nutrients in the water and therefore more marine life.
One place in a country or destination can be absolutely fantastic while other places are not good at all so it's about getting it right. We have that knowledge and will help you properly.
What can be a little trickier is finding destinations that have it all. Each place is unique and often known for one or at best two things, for example whale sharks but no corals, or beautiful corals but rarely large fish, etc. No matter what your dreams and wishes are, we have the opportunity to help you get to some of the world's best places for snorkeling. We sometimes also have group trips dedicated to snorkeling, freediving and yoga, so keep an eye out for our group trips sometimes.

For those who want to get away alone or with family and friends and do not dive but focus on snorkeling, contact us and we will help you. Once you are there, there is usually also the opportunity to try diving and maybe you will even take a diving course abroad. Contact us here then we will help you with your trip.

For those who like to snorkel, we recommend these destinations to see fine corals and plenty of marine life
In principle, you can snorkel everywhere, but some places are probably a bit more fun, have better visibility and offer more to experience with finer corals and more marine life.
Based on these criteria, we choose the following different places here as suggestions so that you can experience as good and exciting snorkeling as possible.