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Wildlife Calendar

Learn about what wildlife can be seen throughout the year

Ever wondered when is the best time to travel to see some of the worlds most amazing marine life encounters? The calendar below has information on when you will have the best chance to see whales, dolphins, manta rays and many other wonderful dive sights.


  • The whale-watching season begins in Baja, Mexico and runs until the end of April. You may see Fin, Minke Bryde’s, Orca, Pilot and Humpback whales, as well as Blue whales – the largest mammal on the planet. There are few places in the world where these large mammals can be viewed so easily, and so close up. Combine diving the spectacular Sea of Cortez with whale-watching at San Carlos, an easy day trip away.
  • Manta Rays, Hammerhead, and Whale shark can be seen in the Sea of Cortez right through until the end of May.
  • Hammerheads are most commonly spotted in Sudan from January through April.


  • Pilot whales arrive in Kadavu, Fiji and stay until May
  • February and March are the best times to find both Bull Sharks and Tiger Sharks in the seas around the Bahamas.


  • Although spotted year round, April and May are the best times to see Manta Rays in Bali, Indonesia
  • From April to September Leatherback Turtles arrive on Tobago beaches to lay their eggs


  • Whale sharks are often spotted in the Galapagos Islands from May through to August. Join a liveaboard to see these spectacular islands where the animals and birds have not yet learned to be afraid of men.
  • Turtles mate and lay eggs in Palau from May through until July. This results in the larger turtles being in the area.
  • Head to the east side of the Maldive atolls from May until November for the best sightings of Manta Rays; Hammerhead sharks are common in the shallower waters.
  • Giant cuttlefish are seen in great numbers as they lay their eggs inside brain corals in areas of Ngerchong channels, Palau.


  • June through August is a good time to see Oceanic Hammerheads in Fiji, especially around Kadavu.
  • Humpback whales are seen in June in the Galapagos and off the coast of Mozambique.


  • July to mid-September you will find Green Leatherback and Hawksbill Turtles in Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park. Costa Rica above and below the water is a wonderful mixture of eco and adventure experiences.
  • From July through October, Hammerhead sharks are most active around Cocos and Malpelo Islands, as well as Galapagos Islands.
  • Mid-July until the beginning of October is the season for Mantas around the seamount Princess Alice and for Mako and Blue sharks in the Azores.


  • Mantas and Whale sharks are common in the Egyptian Red Sea
  • Newfoundland on Canada’s east coast is the home to Northern Right, Minke, Humpback and Fin whales from August through September.
  • Pilot whales are seen off the northern Vanua Levu coast in Fiji.
  • August through November are the best months to encounter Great White sharks off Guadalupe Island in Mexican waters.
  • Manta Rays migrate through Sudanese waters from August through October.


  • Coral spawning in Bonaire provides a unique opportunity to observe this spectacular phenomenon whilst doing some serious shore diving.
  • The usual Mola-Mola, or Sun Fish can be found in the waters around Bali in Indonesia from September through to November.


  • Leatherback turtles may be seen between November and April in Costa Rica’s Tamarindo Bay. - Bull sharks can be seen in Costa Rica, the Cocos and Malpelo Islands from November through April.


  • Large numbers of Pacific Green turtles gather off the shores of the Galapagos Islands to mate, socialize, and lay their eggs.
  • Manta Rays are found on the west side of the Maldive atolls from December through April.
  • Large numbers of Eagle rays are found off of Cozumel in Mexico through until February.
  • Manta Rays congregate in great numbers in Mi’l Channel, Yap for mating season from December through April.

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