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How do I pay for my trip?

There are three different ways to pay for your trip. Choose between paying by bank transfer/bankgiro, Swish or by card (only VISA and Mastercard). Below you will find information about all three options.

If you have questions or problems with payment, contact us at info@scubatravel.se or +46 301 221 00. 

Online Payment

You can pay with Visa and MasterCard (no other cards). The currencies you can choose to pay in are Swedish kronor (SEK), Norwegian kroner (NOK), Danish kroner (DKK) and euro (EUR). Log in to The customer portal, go to "My bookings" and select the trip the payment applies to. Then click on "Invoices" in the menu. In the Customer Portal, you can also see previous payments, as well as how much you have left to pay.

Payment via bank giro within Sweden

For those of you who live in Sweden and wish to pay via bank giro, our bank giro number is 5828-9760. Please note that we are unable to send out bank giro forms.

Payment via bank transfer from abroad

For those of you who live outside Sweden's borders and want to pay via bank transfer, you must use our IBAN and Swift code. You as the customer are responsible for the transfer fees. Below you will find bank instructions for how you pay, according to the currency in which you have received your amount from us.

Bank information

Swedish kronor (SEK):
Bank name: Danske Bank
IBAN: SE94 1200 0000 0120 2016 9789
Account number: 1202-0169789
Account holder: Scuba Travel AB

Euro (EUR):
Bank name: Danske Bank
IBAN: SE72 1200 0000 0120 2016 9797
Account holder: Scuba Travel AB

British Pounds (GBP):
Bank name: Danske Bank
IBAN: SE61 1200 0000 0120 2017 0965
Account holder: Scuba Travel AB

US Dollar (USD):
Bank name: Danske Bank
IBAN: SE83 1200 0000 0120 2017 0957
Account holder: Scuba Travel AB

Danish kroner (DKK):
Bank name: Danskebank
IBAN: SE08 1200 0000 0120 2017 0949

Pay via Swish

If you wish to pay for your trip with Swish, it's perfectly fine. Just follow below instructions: 

  • Download the "swish" app on your mobile phone and link your phone number to your bank. More information about it is available on your bank's website.
  • Open the Swish app and enter the amount you wish to pay.
  • Fill in Scuba Travel's swish number 123 232 7906.
  • Don't forget to enter your invoice number in the message field so that we can see which trip your payment is intended for.

T +46 (0) 301 22100   E info@scubatravel.se

Fabriksgatan 13, 412 50 Gothenburg, Sweden


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