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Bahamas safari

It is an understatement to say the Bahamas are world famous for shark diving, however, there is so much more! The Bahamas is the third largest barrier reef area in the world and covers a vast 470.000km2 of sparkling Atlantic Ocean. Existing of 700 islands and cays; one can easily imagine the variety of dive sites: wrecks, cave, blue holes and, obviously, sharks!

Very likely, you will come up close and personal with the following, depending on your chosen itinerary; Caribbean reef shark, lemon shark, nurse shark, bull shark, tiger shark, great hammerhead, and oceanic whitetip sharks. There are very few places in the world where you can see this many species in one area!!

What is included in the liveaboard package?

  • Transfers airport - boat r/t
  • 7 or 10 nights in a shared cabin with ensuite
  • All meals and drinks (not alcohol or fresh juice) onboard
  • 3-4 dives per day with a guide
  • 12L cylinder, weights and weighbelts


Tiger Beach – Tiger Beach is located off the West End of Grand Bahama Island and the best known point for tiger and lemon shark encounters at a shallow (6-7m/19-23ft) white sand bottom. This is the ultimate site for photographers and videographers. Chances of spotting great hammerheads, nurse sharks, and bull sharks make an appearance occasionally.

Fish Tales – Another great location for shark spotting: lemon, Caribbean reef, nurse and tiger sharks. Very close to Tiger Beach but a little deeper with the same shark action.

Lighthouse – Just off of West End, Grand Bahama Island, this is a great shark spotting point. You may find great hammerheads, tiger, nurse and lemon sharks; even bull sharks have been reported to pass by sometimes.

Sugar Wreck – This shipwreck is a 110 metres (330ft) steel vessel that sunk about 100 years ago, carrying molasses. It features the resident green moray eel, enormous schools of snappers, loggerhead turtles, octopus, and nurse sharks. As it sunk in shallow water; 7 metres (20ft), you will have plenty of time and opportunity to fully explore it.

White Sands Ridge, Bahama Banks - Hotspot for swimming, freediving and snorkeling with pods of wild Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins. If the dolphins stay around, you may even get to dive with them. An experience not to be missed!

Bimini Islands – The westernmost island group of the Bahamas, these are truly ‘islands in the stream’ as they are situated southwest of Grand Bahama Island on the edge of an underwater cliff that drops hundreds of meters into the blue abyss. The most famous spot for great hammerheads and bull shark encounters; best season is January-March. Bimini Road (Wall) plummets more than 1300 metres (4000ft) beneath the sea, alluringly claimed to be part of ‘the lost city of Atlantis’. There are a few wrecks; Spanish galleons and a sunken WWI freighter can be found in the shallow waters between South Bimini and North Cat cay. Frequent sightings of spotted dolphins, stingrays and various kinds of sharks.

Pig Beach, Big Major Cay – Here you can swim and/or snorkel with the pigs that live on this uninhabited island. How the pigs got to the island remains a mystery to date. They are very friendly and used to humans, as they are fed by locals and tourists alike. They can drink from fresh water springs on the island. It is quite a unique and remarkable experience.

Cat Island – A bit further north of Orange Creek is one of the best locations to see oceanic whitetip sharks. Get up close and personal with these inquisitive and impressive pelagic creatures. Most dives will be in the blue of the open sea but the sharks tend to stay close to the surface.

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