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Learn to dive on vacation

Are you thinking of traveling on holiday and at the same time learning to dive during the holiday? Good idea, it's a shame to miss half of your destination, the part that lies hidden beneath the surface. A beautiful reef, amazing marine life or an exciting wreck. To make it easy for you to get your diving certificate, we offer several options where you can choose the way that suits you best. We at Scuba Travel help you arrange your entire trip including a complete diving course. You will come home with both great holiday memories and a diving certificate that you can then use during all future trips you make in the future. Email us and ask about trips where you get a diving certificate here!

Complete course for beginners on site

Open Water Diver is the name of the basic course in diving and gives you the opportunity to dive to a depth of 18m. An instructor with a lot of experience in the destination you are in will guide you to become a good diver. The course begins by alternating diving theory with training in diving technique in a pool or in a protected sea area. Then you get to demonstrate your new skills through practice and pleasure dives in the sea. You also demonstrate your knowledge in a theory test. To complete an Open Water course, you must be 15 years or older, but you can already do an Open Water Junior course from the age of 10. It is the same structure of the course, but you get a certificate called Open Water Junior and means that you must always dive with a certified parent or diving instructor. If you are 11 years old or under, you can dive to a maximum depth of 12m and over 11 years, 18m applies, just like for adult Open Water divers. If you want to learn to dive on your holiday, contact us here!

Open Water Referral Course

Do you prefer to complete the theory as well as the pool training and learn the basics of diving before going on your holiday? Then we recommend an Open Water Referral course. This course means that you do theory, pool training and the theory test at home together with the diving school that is closest to you. You will receive paper that you have completed this first part of the diving course. Paper that you then take with you on your holiday. During your vacation, your diving course resumes and you complete the remaining practice dives in the sea together with the diving center at your destination within the same training system that you started with. When you have completed all these steps correctly, you will receive your diving certificate. This option is perfect for those who want to focus on spending time in the sea during your trip and give you more time for recreational diving.

Keep in mind that the first part of your referral must be in the same training organization as the final part (PADI or SSI for example), it is not possible to combine two different training systems. You also get a valuable contact with a diving school at home, which after completing the course can help you with further training, diving equipment, and recreational diving. Also, a good way to meet like-minded diving friends is to travel with. Scuba Travel, we can help you arrange your entire trip and diving course both at the destination and at home together with our partners in the Nordics. If you want to learn the basics of diving here in Scandinavia and do your dives abroad, email us here!

For those of you who have already booked a trip in another way and realize that you want to learn to dive before you go and make a referral, you should contact a diving center directly in Sweden. We can arrange contacts in some larger cities, but we do not arrange the course for you. When you have obtained your diving certificate, you are of course welcome to book future diving trips with us.

Online learning Open Water course

An online learning Open Water course is for you who don't want to spend time reading theory but just want to learn to dive and be in the water during your vacation and for you who don't have a diving school near you. You simply do all the theory and the theory test at home on your own computer. You watch films and do exercises, of course you have contact with a diving school for possible questions and help. After completing the e-learning, you do your pool dives at home before traveling on your vacation, or complete the pool part and sea dives at your destination. Here too, it must be in the same training organization as the final part (PADI or SSI for example), it is not possible to combine two different training systems. Contact Scuba Travel and we will tell you how to proceed to get started. If you want to learn to dive and learn the theory online before or during your holiday, you can email us here and we will help you.

Special courses and further education

For those of you who want to develop your diving and learn more, we can also arrange various special courses and further training up to instructor level. Do you want pre-book further training so contact us here and we will help you with your trip.

NOTE! - For those of you who have already booked a trip on your own and want to get a diving certificate, we recommend that you contact a diving center directly yourself. We arrange trips including courses but not individual training.

Diving for beginners and good places to get certified

In principle, everyone can dive everywhere, but some places are perhaps a little easier to start with your diving course and get certified.
Learn more about different places here which may be suitable for a diving trip with a beginner's diving course planned or about diving destinations that have good diving for beginners.

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